Hey all, I've noticed it can be pretty tough to find good, high-res pics to use as backgrounds for dioramas. Even if you have the tools necessary to scan in your own pics, you still have to have the source material, which sometimes can be hard to come by as well. So, I thought I'd put together my own "background scenes" in 3D and render them at 300 DPI so they'd turn out nice and crisp when I print them. The reason I'm posting about it here, is because I thought some of you guys might be interested in having the pics available for use in your own dioramas. Here's a test scene I threw together today in a couple of hours. I only rendered it at 72 DPI since it's just a test and rendering at 300 DPI takes quite a bit longer, so this one is not suitable for printing. Let me know if you'd have any use for these, and I can do more varied scenes, with and without characters in them, etc., and post them here when I'm done (as long as I can keep them under 250k, that is).

Keep in mind that 3D isn't a specialty of mine or anything, either. But I think this one turned out allright for a quickie.