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    Angry that did not sound good. the lawn mower ate my figures!

    i had my SBD and preview clone trooper out in our backyard where a jungle gym used to be. (when i was 5, we got iit and now it's just the bare dirt left over making it perfect place to set up the geo arena battle.) i got all the figures but them that i had loose in the duffle bag i brought them out in. after i ate supper, i had to mow the yard and forgot all about them. i didn't see them when i was mowing in the dirt because my dad was trying to tell me something and i mowed right over them! i heard a gut-reanching GGGRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNDDD! and stoped the mower. all i could find was a leg of the clonetrooper and the chestplate and arm of the SBD. this ever happend to any of you? if it has, i fell for you...
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    thats what i said when i found one of the SPD five peaces scattered across out the yard!
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    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    The only figure casualties I've ever had were from my dog. I've had 4 figures get chewed; a vintage snowtrooper, a POTF2 Hoth Commander, a vintage Stormtrooper and a vintage Boba Fett. The Stormtrooper got both ankles and I think both hands bit off so I threw him away, the Snowtrooper only got it's hand bit off while the Commander got his right hand and foot chewed off plus there are some other bite marks around him, but Boba Fett, unfortunately he got his head chewed off along with an arm. His head was split in two but still barely connected. I've actually kept the Commander, Snowtrooper, and Fett and have the Snowtrooper and Commander as "battle casualties" and as for Fett, well I've yet to hold a memorial for him.
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    I left my Flash Speeder out one day and my dog destroyed it... The cannon was chewed off, it was all wet from all the slobber ,and it was all scratched up from his paws I guess..
    But later I somehow bought another for $4.00 at Target!

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    I feel bad for ya, Hango. My daughter broke the head off my vintage Luke X-Wing pilot (but the gun never fell out of his hand!!). On a completely unrelated train of thought, that is the COOLEST avatar picture I've seen in ages.

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    me? well, it's just a little something i wiped up from the trailer on quicktime....
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    You were playing with your figures outside?!!! Oh! The horror!
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    I had a vintage 4-LOM who had his head chewed up by the dog. Which really sucks because that is a great figure.

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    it's okay, JEDIpartnr. i washed em off in the sink and let them dry by the fan....they have recovered from the events of yesterday just fine...they miss the clonetrooper because he knew where to get his extra gun at....they wanted to use it for an experiment.....don't ask......
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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