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    OT: Yay, I DID it!

    Sorry for the OT, but I only really want to share this with my MM friends

    jeddah finally ceased to exist yesterday as my stage name I chose jeddah as my handle on the old GalooBB because that was my stagename and over the past 5 years, jeddah has taken on an identity that is at odds with my act.

    Consequently, about 5 months ago, I decided to change my stage name to Firebrat and last night was the first time I got to use it in the UK South Coast's biggest talent showcase.......

    guess what...?

    I won I performed 2 of my own songs and had my dancers doing routines that I;d choreographed. There'll be a write up in the Echo tomorrow so if anyone's interested I will scan it

    I'm so pleased as it was my first solo performance (was in a band 6 years ago). My next date is 21st July :happy:


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    Hey Firebrat

    If you ever gig up in the grim North, drop me a line.


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    Congrats, Jeddah err FireBrat or [prefered name].
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    please post a scan or link to the writeup!
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    CHEERS to you jeddah...soon to be Firebrat...on your happy for you !!!! PLEASE do scan in your write-up We can now say we knew you when........
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    Wow, congratulations jeddah!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Wink swaffy: conbrats? no thanks, i'll just have a Regular hotdog

    jdah: "jeddah has taken on an identity that is at odds with my act"
    -oh? how so? (note: that constitutes your 1st big-star interview quextion )
    anyhoo, what really matters is When do we get to start glommin off the perks your superstardom'll bring you (i.e., parties on your private jet, world-tour hotel rooms overlooking central park, hong kong harbor & corcovado beach etc )? after all, we wouldn't wanna be left in the dust when you become the next, uh, Robbie Williams?
    i got a Ratbat toy- how much mileage on your jet'll it get me?

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    time for me to get Halle/Gwynnie on you..

    thank you thank you

    Swaffy's been a real darl and put my scan of the local rag up here

    I wanted to spend time on my site but these build-it-yourself websites look too home-grown and amateurish so I'm going to outsource the design to a pro (my friend who designed the Firebrat logo is a web designer.... ).

    The picture is not good and I look rather mongy but there has already been interest in my dancers.... who, btw, are 16, 16, 17 and 25. In front of me is Danielle, to her right is Cheryl, to her left is Rachel and Delphine - a lovely french girl I work with - is at the front with my blue bandana.

    As far as my name goes, all I've done is decide to use jeddah exclusively for 'net. As a solo artist this was going to be my stagename but over the past 5 or 6 years, I have come to associate jeddah with my net friends so I needed something new for performing.

    And as for Ratbat, it looks like a nasty piece of work that I do not want in the sky when I'm jetting around in my Lear

    Thanks for the nice words guys, hopefully I'll win something 'big-time' that is more than a local talent-show.


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    please tell me cheryl is the 25-yr. old (the "legal" one), and that she likes non-skinny amercan guys with kids! and that she's planning a visit to Pennsylvania in the very near future!

    [just slap me anytime here, and I'll maybe wake up to reality]
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    riddle me this......

    ..... the girl who I work with is 25 years old
    ..... the girl who I work with is french



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