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    Angry Hasblow blew it!

    I didn't know if this would be seen tucked into another thread, so I wanted to give it it's own thread, because it has really affected me.

    I am so angry now! I finally saw Ep2:AOTC last night and now I am madder than ever that Hasblow won't be doing MM figures for this movie. The possiblities! The Arena battle! The armies I could build!

    This was the final straw. So vt, go ahead and give those Nabooians to someone else. And you needn't look for more B-droids for me. My MM figure collection is frozen and will remain as stands. No need to build on it when there is a permanent ceiling , ie. no ep2 figures.

    I am officially boycotting Hasblow until they make ep2 MMs. If that day never comes, then they'll not get another penny of mine. Well, I don't feel that much better now, because I know they could care less about losing one family's business, and it won't change who Lucasfilm gives their licenses to. It's these corporate conglomerates' game and they know it. There are plenty of people to fill their coffers. Perhaps it really is finally over.


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    hasbro no valle la pinche !?*#!@!
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    Unhappy Uffa!

    For what it matters I am boycotting Hasbro too.

    I passed so many times in front of SW action figures, I bought some in the past years but I never bought anything after they announced the end of MM and AF lines.

    If Hasbro only produces action figures and related vehicles I will never buy any of their products and I will shift completely towards LEGO SW.

    Sorry for this rant.


    P.S. Hey SID, what are you saying?

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    It says in spanish:"hasbro ain't worth a blankity,blank,blank"
    just use your imagination.
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    A pack of MM Jedi figures with their lightsabers ignited... Man that would be cool.
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