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    Angry Pass to five others -- DO NOT BUY AIR TIX W/AIRLINE W/NO LOCKED PILOT DOOR

    pass this to five others.

    If you fly, avoid any airline that has no locked pilot door, and do fly on those who do.

    Loss of income will FORCE airlines to put locks
    on pilots doors.


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    What good does a lock do if the pilot unlocks it to come and see why or who is slitting his flight attendant's throats with a box cutter?

    Plus, the terrorists were also threatening with a bomb they may or may not have had. but who is going to bother leaving a door locked when they are just going to blow up the plane anyway?Remember, at this point, no one knew the plane's final destination. They thought it was a "normal" hijacking, not a suicide run. And if you thought it was a "normal" hijacking, you'd be more willing to comply seeing as how there's a better chance of surviving. Now that people know the terrorist might crash into a building, both the pilots AND the passengers might be more willing to gang rush the terrorists in order to prevent MORE people dying. At that point a lock becomes irrelevant.

    I don't think I will forward this to anybody because a doorlock seems a kneejerk response to the problem. A terrorist shouldn't even get through airport security. Getting through the locked cockpit door would be #157 on the terrorist list of things to do. if he's already accomplished the other 156 and gotten to the locked door, then you've got problems regardless of whether the cockpit is locked or not.
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    So, uh, how do we know which airlines have locks and which don't? Are we supposed to call up the airline and say, "Hi, I'm wondering if your doors lock," and expect them to say, "Why, no, they don't."

    And if I were to find out that an airplane lacked certain security features I'd consider minimal (like door locks), I don't think I need to be told not to fly with them.

    The idea is a good one, but I agree with EP that the hijackers shouldn't be on the plane in the first place. I also expect the feds will step in sometime soon (if they haven't already) and require such locks in the very near future.
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    If you call up different airlines asking if they have locks on the doors they might consider you some sort of terrorist. I know I would.

    If the doors do have locks don't you think the terrorists would find some way to pick the lock or break the door down?

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    I'm certain there are ways of making the door to the cabin secure.
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    pass this to five others.

    If you post on Internet forums, avoid any website that has no means to keep idiots from posting on them, and do frequent on those who do.

    Loss of site hits will FORCE websites to put locks
    on their user registrations.


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    They need to make planes with NO access to the cockpit through the passenger end.
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    Originally posted by SirSteve
    They need to make planes with NO access to the cockpit through the passenger end.
    Interesting but the hijackers could communicate with the pilots somehow and make them fly somewhere else other than intended or they'll start to harm the passengers.

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    Even if they could communicate with the pilots, the pilots would not fly the plane into a building because the hijackers are threatening to injure or kill passengers.
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    Originally posted by SirSteve
    They need to make planes with NO access to the cockpit through the passenger end.
    What if something happens (besides a terrorist incident) and the pilots need to get in to the main passenger area? or god forbid something happens to the pilots and a passenger (a doctor for instance) needs to get to the cockpit? So, everybody is screwed?

    "Uhhhh..This is the captain speaking. I'm having a heart attack and the planes gonna crash, could somebody come up here and...never mind... see you all on on the other side...."
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