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    Chancellor Palpatine

    I just got Palpy today and is this one sweet figure. The detail on him is amazing. He even has those Mr Burns-like liver spots on his head. (to go with his Mr Burns-like "excellant" hand clasping action) In an ironic sorta way, his articulation is eerily reminscent of the Darth Sidious figure of 99. I highly recommend purchasing Palpy. He is a great addition to any collection.
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    Hmm...Thank you for that review. I wasnt sure if I was going to buy him, but I might check him out more closely now if i ever can manage to find one!
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    I want him too, I can't find him either. It's only a matter of time though...
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    I found a solitary one at a target. I like this figure.

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    He is a great figure, I just wish he came with a pack-in.
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    He was originally to come with a holographic Count Hertius Dooku, but they cut that out at the last minute.

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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    He was originally to come with a holographic Count Hertius Dooku, but they cut that out at the last minute.

    Yes, but no need to get creative with his name. "Count Dooku" is actually missing his surname:
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    Where did the Joachi come from?

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    I received this in the mail yesterday along with my other figures from KEBco. I must say that this figure is much improved over the versions that have shown up on the net. The paint used for the "liver spots" has been toned down greatly. I don't know if the initial runs had the "extreme" paint job or not, but this one does not.

    The facial sculpt, while elongated again, is very good. It looks like Palpatine mixed with Paul Hogan. Funny. The articulation is minimal and it follows what seem to have become a trend in the saga line: long robed figures with pegs for legs. He cannot sit. I suppose this trend reall started with Boss Nass from the POTJ line, but it's fine. They did so much right with this figure that I cannot complain.

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    I like this version of Palpatine (I'm sure we'll get another one in the future), even with his "chicken pox look".


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