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    Unhappy Tie Fighter Pilot

    Does anybody have a tie fighter pilot (green carded) that actually stands up right . Mine always falls down . When I set it up , I have to lean him on his big gun for him to stay standing .
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    I did the same thing, but eventually used stands. It's just too hard to get them standing on their own.
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    There are action figure stands available. I have a few, and am in the market for more.

    Yes, my figures go boom, too. Hasbro made them in awkward standing positions.

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    Mine stands up fine, but then again he's still on the card.
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    Re: Stands

    Originally posted by OC47150
    Hasbro made them in awkward standing positions.
    Don't forget awkward sculpts

    What about the 1st obi Wan figure from 1995, boy he cant even stand at all!
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    The figures are getting better at standing without the aid of action stands but some are still bad. The Bespin escape Leia won't without a stand.

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    I have no problem with my Bespin Escape Leia, however my DSE Han has decided that he is tired of standing up on his own, so now I have to use an action stand with him. I didn't when I first got him.
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    The most difficult figure to stand by itself in all the line would be Emperor palpatine flashback...Now that is impossible, you need the stands, the tie fighter pilot is difficult also, Figrin D'aan and Zucckus are hard too. I had no trouble with Bespin Escape Leia from POTJ though. (There are more, but i cant remember them now)
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    Maybe my BE Leia is just special!

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    I forgot!! The Trade Federation Security Battle droid is also a very difficult figure to stand up right.
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