On Ebert & Roeper last night, the dynamic duo of cinematic thumb-thrusting touted the new Men In Black deluxe DVD 2-disc set for all its features. However, every single feature they were touting was on the ORIGINAL non-deluxe MIB DVD released a while back - features including the "MST3k-style" commentary, the special-effects multi-layer feature, and a few other goodies. The new 2-disc set has at least one extra the first didn't, I noticed a new special-effect multi-layer feature scene, but there seemed to be nothing so outstanding about this set that wasn't on the original disc. In fact, this new set seems to primarily add only a couple preview pieces for the upcoming MIB2 movie - big whoop.

My point is, usually when a movie goes and does this "Deluxe DVD" crap, it's at least adding features to the original DVD which had few or none; but the original MIB disc seems to have nearly everything this 2-disc set does except promotional material for the sequel. Is there more that I'm missing that makes this worth talking about?