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    Wink More Bespin Luke "Variations"!!!

    Hey, everyone! Check these "rare" items out! Please try to restrain your laughter while you do so. These items are so one-of-a-kind and valuable that you must view them with quiet awe.

    First off, forget the bloody stump . . .try to find THIS!

    Hurry! Buy this next one now for $40.00! I assume that's what his "inside source" at Hasbro is telling him it's worth:

    This guy has obviously done his homework! He even knows what percentage of Bespin Lukes were released with each variation! What a fount of infinite knowledge! He should be working for SirSteve's!

    I apologize (especially to the sellers of these items) for my drippy sarcasm, but sometimes, you just have to give these scalpers a lot of credit for their creativity!

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    Man they are getting desperate.. scalpers that is..

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    My Wal-Mart has the "rare" 1" dust layer versions.
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    I put a bid on both of those!!

    Oh yeah no I didn't.
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    They will be classing creased cards as rare soon !!!!!!!!

    Well maybe not, but that's all scalpers deserve. Knackered Cards.
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    Well, my Wal-Mart has the most ultra-rare figure of all. It's a Bespin Luke where the package has been replaced with the Mace Windu package, and the Luke has been replaced by a Mace Windu. I'm planning on selling it for mucho dinero.

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    So now lousy paint jobs count as variations?! Well, guess it's time for me to sell my ultra rare "Yoda with battle-worn ripped sleeve. " Sure, it *looks* like they got sloppy when they paited his hand, but it's actually a very rare version of this figure. Let the bidding start at $50, .

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    jeez! what people do for a losy buck! oy! the next thing you know they will have the color of blood on his face LIGHT or DARK red! get a job people!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    my loose bespin luke has the "bruise" on his hand, but that is just a part of a magnet i think, because if you hold a metal lightsaber to it, it sticks there!! hehe! i have a rare variation! ha. ha.
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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