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    Help in understanding Palpatine's, Gunray's, and Dooku's motivations

    It is clear that Palpatine and Dooku are teaming up to bring the Sith back, but some things are still unclear.

    First of all, wouldn't more Jedi be killed in the Arena battle if the Clone Troopers (which Palp and Dooku authorized the creation of) didn't save the day? Why then were the Clone Troopers made if they are actually heroes? Also, when Dooku was trying to get Obi-Wan to assist him, who did he really want Obi-Wan to join him against? What was the main reason for Padme's assassination attempts? To make Palpatine's political job easier or to clear the way for an easier Sith invasion? Did Palpatine (as Sidious) approve of the Separatist movement or did Dooku do this against him? When Zam Wessell was dying, why didn't Jango Fett shoot Obi-Wan instead? The information wouldn't get to the Republic anyway if Obi died instead.

    Help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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    Palpatine used the clonetroopers to help foster his trust.

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    He let the clones get made so he would win approvel and then he'll take them.

    Dooku probably wanted to take over and get rid of palpy, and them be sith, or maybe just betray the jedi then dooku would kill him.

    Nute was just angrey at padme so he wanted her dead, and palpy(as sid) let dooku let it happen so incase they bill wasn't passed people would see the reason for it.

    The sepratists become the empire so ya palpy wanted it.

    Jango didn't think he needed to kill Obi so he didn't. Plus Zam was doing a job for him so it was his responsibility.
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    The Clones were being made in secret so Palpatine could eventually have an army sworn to obey orders.

    With Yoda commandeering them to use against the Geonosians, it sets the Jedi up for blame for the Clones being brought into action. Plus the idea that Sifo-Dyas, a once well-known Jedi High Council member had ordered the clones be made, will also help implicate the Jedi. Palpatine is setting them up to try the Jedi for treason and call for their sentencing.

    Palpatine probably set it all up knowing the Jedi would find Kamino, which is why Jango might have been purposely TOLD to use a Kamino Saberdart. Or if not, Yoda seriously ticked him off by stealing his clones, but they still wind up in his service with the Emergency Powers Allocation, because he has the authority to call them into service WITHOUT the Military Creation Act.

    With Dooku and Obi-Wan, I think Dooku wanted to use Obi-Wan to feed him misinformation, possibly get access to Anakin, though Anakin didn't impress Dooku in the slightest it seemed. And I think that yes, Dooku might have wanted to overthrow Palpatine. However, was it because he'd joined the Sith on behalf of an unorthodox mission FOR the Jedi? Or was he totally corrupted by evil? What was his reason for deciding to kill Obi-Wan once Obi-Wan was down and out of the fight? Anakin jumped in to save him. Then, had Yoda not intervened, would Dooku have just boarded his ship, or executed both Obi-Wan and Anakin once they were both down? This I'm unclear on. Maybe no one could interfere with his mission for the good of all Jedi, and if 2 had to be sacraficed, oh well? But his fight with Yoda was more than that. It seemed like revenge for Yoda's being a particularly hard master. We know he can be.

    With Padme killed, or out of the way at least, JarJar would represent the Naboo. The Senate was split 50-50 or so on whether they should create an army. JarJar changed all that. Naboo's position might have been seen as the Chancellor's position. Palpatine doesn't vote except to break a tie, and he never said he was FOR the Military Creation Act. He probably pretended to be against it, or Padme's original position wouldn't have dubbed her a Loyalist. Behind the scenes, as Sidious, he set up the votes in favor of it. Palpatine just needed Padme out of the picture. With using Dooku, getting Obi-Wan and Anakin involved seemed to open the doors for more opportunities, so Palpatine suggested they cover Padme's back. Meanwhile, Jango Fett uses a very specific weapon from Kamino to kill Zam KNOWING the Jedi would catch her. Why split the money and not just do the assasination himself? And true she tried to hit the ship in the beginning of the film, but Jango would already know they were using a decoy if Palpatine had it passed along to him.

    Jango didn't shoot Obi-Wan, because the Sith might want to entangle him in the plot. Plus there were 2 Jedi, and whoever wasn't hit first, would have time to react before the 2nd shot. We all know how fast Jedi react. Hope I answered all the questions.
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    i think dooku was actually good but became a sith to try and help his seperatist movement. i think he was telling obi the truth, why else would he tell obi a sith master controled the senate?

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    To entice Obi-Wan into joining Dooku so he could help "destroy" the Sith.

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    It seems that Palpys first plan was to use trade feds army then perhaps assume control.
    When the Trade Feds army proved innefficient (TPM) Palpy(speculating here) set in motion an army of the republic to rival the biggest threat.
    Now that the Trade Feds do not fit into plans, Sidious through Dooku has now made them enemies of the Republic and can wipe them out leaving the clone army the biggest in the galaxy 200,00 ready to go a milliion nearing completion.
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    It is part of the ploy that will eventually lead him to power, the clone troopers will be part of the republic now but then part of the empire later.
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    To me, it seems like Dooku's motivations are the most unknown, and it seems that they could be one of three things:

    1 - He really did join with Sidious intending to destroy the sith from the inside

    2 - He really did join with Sidious intending to destroy the sith from the inside, BUT got too corrupted by the power and started to go along with the whole "take over the galaxy" shtick, OR,

    3 - He was totally lying to Obi-Wan about destroying the sith, and only wanted his help in destroying Sidious, so HE could take over the galaxy, in keeping with the treacherous mentor/apprentice rivalry in the sith


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