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    Originally posted by Utinni
    I hope two of the preview figures are Anthony Daniel's and Ahmed best's characters.
    That would be cool
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    1. Anakin
    2. Amidala
    3. C-3PO
    4. Clone trooper
    5. Palpatine
    6. Tyrannus
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    What do you say we may have seen one of the preview figures already?

    Is it possible that the Eeth Koth figure may actually NOT be for the POTJ line???

    If that is the case...

    1. Eeth Koth
    2. Shaak Ti
    3. Dexter Jetser
    4. Passel Argente
    5. Count Dooku
    6. Barriss Offee or Luminari Unduli

    What do ya think? I tried to go kinda obscure... that seems to be the way Hasbro thinks!
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    Last time around they used Samuel Jackson as the Preview figure and the STAP droid.

    So they might have:

    Bail Organa (Jimmy Smits) or
    Count Dooku (Christopher Lee)

    Since they had the STAP droid, this time they might include:

    Clone Trooper or
    Ric-Shaw Droid (deluxe like the STAP)

    They had alot of "leaked/released" material on Jar Jar on the internet the first time around so the resident good alien this time is:

    Dexter Jettster or
    Kit Fisto

    They released a Jedi Council Member (Mace) the first time so possibly:

    Kit Fisto or

    They also released those photos of Geonisians and Tuskens:

    Tusken Female
    Tusken Child

    My final choice based on these extrapolations are

    1.Bail Organa
    3.Dexter Jettster
    4.Tusken Female
    5. Tusken Child
    6 Deluxe Ricshaw droid
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    I've been saying since we all first got wind of the scene that the ricshaw speeder with RIC-920 would make the best choice for a sneak preview deluxe pack or small vehicle pack.

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    Well, I'm not going to analyze this. The post reads "Your choice for the preview 6 !!!"

    So MY choice would be:

    1. Clone Trooper
    2. Count Dooku
    3. Jango Fett
    4. Senate Guard (with cloth cape and armor from Crimson Empire)
    5. Bail Organa
    6. Obscure Bad Guy

    I want to see figures of characters we've NEVER seen in a movie! Save the "Core Characters" for the first regular releases!

    Also, at least ONE of these should be a mail-away offer!!! Preferably Jango Fett (with rocket firing backpack...hehehe :-)
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    I would be very happy if the Preview figures included that Tusken female with child. They are waaaay too awesome looking and are the only Ep2 figures I will definitely buy!
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    There is no preview 6. Not now, not in April.

    The case of 6 is actually ficticious. 4 figures from Classic and E1 mixed will ship, adding Eeth Koth and Zutton to them later.

    The case of 4 figures including Ep2 Boba Fett is 4 characters, not 6, and will likely be released simultaneously with a case of 6 to 8 figures from Collection 1, including such staples as Anakin, Padme, and Obi-Wan (in Episode 2 outfits). IN APRIL!

    Anakin, Jango, Obi-Wan, Padme, Mace, Clone Trooper, Dooku, plus the 4 from the case with Typho and Fett equals 7 figures at the least (if it's just main cast heroes, and 11 or more figures total if it's all of them, like the 18 figures that were released at once from the get-go on Phantom.

    So there is no SIX, no way, now how.


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