1. I think we will probably get an Anakin. If the EI Obi-Wan is any clue...WE WILL GET DOZENS OF DIFFERENT ANI'S!!!! Why not one now? P.S. What are your thoughts of a Kissing Ani and Padme?

2. I think we will get a Clonetrooper. We will buy TONS of them now AND tons more in May.

3. Chancillor Palpatine. We already know what he is going to look like from the Fanclub cover. Why not have the figure?

4. Amidala....which one I don't know. Again...THEY WILL MAKE DOZENS OF DIFFERENT AMIDALAS!!!

5. That lady Jedi Knight that was mentioned that I can't remember her name (Shak-Ti)?

6. The Blue Pilot Battle Droid. If he's NOT a "Preview" figure now he's a certain peg warmer in May!!!

......and my fellow readers thoughts are......