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    i just got this game after reading rave reviews about it. and it is a pretty cool game. it almost seems like it could be set in the LOTR universe.

    i guess this is my first RPG, or at least the first that i like.
    does anyone know if "galaxies" or "knights of the old republic" will be similar in gameplay as morrowind? i hope so.

    the game lets you do and go just about anywhere, and the graphics are awesome.

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    KotOR should play like Morrowind. But who knows what they'll do?

    Anyway, did youget it for the xbox or PC? Is the learning curve high?

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    boba rhett,

    i got it for the PC. i was kinda nervous if my machine would even play the game after reading about the high requirements for it, but it runs pretty good.

    this is the first RPG i have ever really played, but it dosen't seem too difficult.i like that everything happens in "real time". it is easy to just "play" but heck to finish it.

    so how will galaxies be different than this, other than it's an online multiplayer game? will the actual gameplay be similar?
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    I think it will at least resemble that type. I but I don't really know that much about it yet. I'll have to upgrade my connection before I can play Galaxies.

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    What detail and resolution do you play Morrowind on?

    I know next to nothing about KotoR, but I can tell you that Galaxies is a lot like Morrowind! You have not just a world, but a whole galaxy where you can do anything and be anything, from a Jedi to a Wookiee hairdresser.

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    the resolution i'm playing at is 1024 x 768.

    the distance meter is set to the max and shadows are turned off.

    i also recently turned off all unnecessary background programs and it runs pretty good. i read in some forums i'd have to have a super-computer to play this game, but my ge force 2 32 mb and 128 mb ram are plenty.

    but i'm gonna get 512 mb ram and a ge force 4 before galaxies comes out!
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    It'll already be obsolete by then!

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    what will be obsolete, the video card? i know nvida has a new card coming out, but the ge force 4 is still a good card.

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