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    Cool Ice Cream Maker Guy Petition and Website

    The man, the myth, the legend, now has his own personal website and petition to get him made into plastic form. Jabba, bah, Poggle the Lesser, no match for ICMG, this will be forwarded to Hasbro. If we are lucky, he will be made someday. It worked for Prokins, it worked for Wuher, it worked for Tessek it can now work for Ice Cream Maker Guy

    Not sure who Ice Cream Maker guy is??? Check it out here:

    Or go to the petition directly:

    Thanks for your support

    We will get this done, one way or another

  2. #2 about a guaranteed pegwarmer, if he ever were made. I'd rather see the Tonnika sisters.

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    Nope. I won't sign that petition. There are MANY more important figures to get.
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    I dunno, he could be a good figure... a Bespin tech, c'mon, we need him!!!

    Actually I want more Ewoks before figures like that.
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    That was funny stuff, I needed that.
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    I want one!
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    Looks like he's indulged in a little too much BespinBerry ice cream... that jumpsuit's stretched to its limits.

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    I beat hasbro makes him before a GOOD Jedi Knight Luke, a GOOD Jedi Kyle Katarn, or a General Reikan (SP!!!).
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    I'd like to see him, but maybe as a two-pack with an ugnaught, guard, pilot or something...
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    i would rather see a band of rodians before that figure. but honestly i would really like to see a judo kast figure.


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