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    Epant Mon and others?

    I have been visiting the hasbro site and noticed that a Fan's Choice figure Ephant Mon is/was in production....

    Is this figure out? If not when will it be released?

    Also will Hasbro every release a Jabba? My Jabba's palace scene looks pretty sad without the hutt...


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    It will be released in the next six figures to be released next month.
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    Sooon, verrry sooooon.
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    Ephant Mon....cannot wait. I miss the POTJ line (translation -quality). It's been a couple of rough months; some of the Saga stuff has been great (luke wave), but alot of it has not (Ep II waves 1 and 2)!

    Hasbro... forget Ep II, and give us Classic (just my personal opinion, don't want anyone to freak on me)

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    Yes, Amanamatt has the right idea. No more prequel toys, only classic trilogy figures from now on. Or maybe Hasbro should break the lines up in two, one line for prequel figures and one line for classic trilogy figures. This way we could all watch the prequel based line die a slow, nasty death on the pegs and the classic trilogy line sell out continually.

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    You most likely wouldn't be getting any new figures, if it wasn't for the prequels. Without new blood, and new movies, the line would have stalled and died, just like it did in 1985. If you don't like the prequel figures, don't buy. But don't say that Hasbro should divide the line up, after finally doing what people wished and putting it together. Remember 1999, do you really wanna go back to a year or so of no Classic Trilogy stuff every time a movie opens? And the prequel line would not die a slow nasty death, the E2 figures are bring alot of kids back into Star Wars. And for the line to continue, it needs fresh blood.

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    Blood blood I must have fresh young blood. Sacrifice your children to me so that i may drink them dry like a can of vanilla COCA COLA......... oh - sorry. I don't see many kids buying anything much. They walk in buy a lightsaber and leave. Or they walk in buy a vehicle and hunt vainly for a character to fit into it. Usually Jango and Slave-1. Not much of a resurgance of interest happening over here in Blighty from what I can tell. It's nearly all scruffy student types with a weeks beard growth and bed head, BO and dirty clothes. They come in and hover about six feet away from the display and mumble to each other while eyeing the display with didain. Then they flick a couple of the figures around for a few minutes while groaning with distaste and then they leave. A horrible sight to be honest. I always make sure I'm clean and well dressed when I visit the toy stores so I don't get classed as a dropout like those bums. Being clean and having ironed and pressed clothes has helped me get a muss of help finding stuff from the staff at TRU's. Especially the lady members of staff.They like clean boys who smell nice. Greasy hair and smelly clothes don't go down too well. Neither does mumbling into your chest while avoiding eye contact. Those guys I see are really sad looking. I really feel sometimes that if I stray too near I'll catch something awful and die. *shudders*

    We're currently recieving the Endor rebel wave over here, and have recently had the bespin wave. Next load I expect to see will be the Ephant Mon wave and the deluxe figures and Acklay.

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    No, no, I'm not asking for a return to the drought of 1999 where we only had four or five new classic trilogy SW figures the whole year. I'm talking about adopting a whole new approach. The neo-classic line was doing fine up to 1998 before Hasbro started gearing up for the Ep1 debacle. I'm talking about dedicating an entire line to nothing but classic trilogy figures (and not more ANH Luke or ANH Han resculpts) and an entire line to prequel trilogy figures. That is the only way to gauge which toys the collectors and kids prefer. I'm pretty sure that collectors would focus on the classic stuff, while the 5 or 6 kids who are still around would pick up the prequel stuff.

    The Ep2 line might have brought a lot of kids back into Star Wars back during the first couple weeks after the movie opened; but after those kids spent their hard-earned allowance or grass-cutting money on floppy figures that don't fit in vehicles and barely stand on their own, then those kids will drop the Star Wars toys like a hot potato and move on to the much better quality Spider-Man toy line or Scooby-Doo plush dolls. They're not going to bother to stick around and wait for resculpts. With kids, you have one chance to make a good impression and Hasbro has blown that.

    Besides, Star Wars is soooo last month with kids right now. They've moved on with their Playstation-induced attention spans and are probably getting pumped for MIB2. We collectors are like the wife who has been dumped for the hot chick at the office and now that that chick has kicked the husband in the nads, he has to come back and beg our forgiveness and plead with us to take him back.

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    i'm happy with nearly all the new figures. its a nice change for me to go to a store and see something new instead of that darn leia and chewie mechanic.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Obviously not that soon


    "Ephant Mon - Jabba's Head of Security"
    "Available September/October 2002 "

    This sucks!


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