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    Why that's mighty generous of you Sean the hutt, I didn't really mean for that post to sound so harsh. It just kinda rattled out that way and then it was late and I lost my connection to the net etc. So don't feel like you did something to upset me. And it is very generous of you to make an offer like that. But to be honest, I'm sure there's other folk who post here from the UK who have more problems finding stuff than I do. They'd be more worthy of help. Still, thanks anyway. But should you find any Eopies on your visits to the Netherlands........ *affects sheepish scoobydoo laugh* It's the only thing I really want to get hold of right now that's hard to find.
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    Instead of dealing with all of the negativity regarding the delay of these vehicles, why not do what I did.

    ACPin's Hoth Peril

    Of course it's a different matter with the TIE Bomber which I'm just gonna have to wait a little bit more to get my hands on it.
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    Thats a heck of a background u got there!! I bet u cant wait to replace the snowspeeder for the damaged version, but who knows, maybe your version will look cooler in the end...
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    His version looks fine now. I did the same scene as well. The new vehicle, and the 'official' figure of Dak won't make a bit of difference. And in ACPin's photograph (nice work BTW - love the mountains!) you couldn't tell if Dak was in that speeder or not.
    Are there ATAT drivers controlling the walker? If I told you that Garfield and Odie were driving mine, you wouldn't be able to prove it unless you opened my display and looked into the cockpit.
    I'm only kidding, as that's sacrelidge, but I questioned my motivation to call up the fan club and spend $8.99 times twice plus shipping and handling to staff the Empire's war machine when you can't even see them in there (disregarding a glimpse into a dark cockpit from side windows).

    The 'crashed speeder' is not on my To Buy List - nor will it be. It's mainly out there so Hasbro can sell a few more units with the mold to new collectors who will be baited with the hype and merchandising of Episode 2, as will the kids who come back. Remember, close to Episode One's time, they emptied out a fortune's worth of old ships and vehicles (Classic) on clearence, and many went to kids actually interested in it at the time.

    For a mimimal amount of more new sales, they'll bait hardcore collectors who HAVE to have Dak Ralter, or the nice display packaging which actually is very impressive.


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