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    Angry TIE Bomber, At-ST, and Snowspeeder, ON HOLD!

    As Rebelscum and The Jawa are reporting, a very reliable UK Source reports that Hasbro will announce the delay of the New Vehicles until 2002, probobly February, March. Anyway, what a jip, delay them, why not give them to us, lets say, NOW! Man i was actually looking forward to those . What are your thoughts on this situation...
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    You may find my answer surprising - I'm quite relief, my wallet can finally take a long overdue break.

    To put an item on hold is not so bad but to hear that an item was CANCELLED will really ****ed me off. So its 2002 Feb or Mar? Its fine.

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    Re: TIE Bomber, At-ST, and Snowspeeder, ON HOLD!

    Originally posted by mrhat
    Man i was actually looking forward to those

    But at least they are still coming! I think most of us need a break anyway!
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    I'm okay with that!

    I could certainly use the break, especially with the holidays coming. For once, this is a Hasbro decision well received.
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    I'd rather they came out next year when there's the rush for stuff so that they actually put out enough to go round.
    As xmas approaches, We all need a break from the deluge of stuff we had this year. Three vehicles on hold means time to catch up on the excellent current releases and time to buy those who gently suffer our compulsion to buy 'little plastic dollies' with great patience and dignity. Wives, girlfriends, husbands, kids and pets. They've all suffered in this heady year of selfish gain. So it's time we gave a little thank you to them, some quality time or a thoughtful gift - and then rush back to TRU to see if this damn rumour is right....!

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    When I saw the subject of this, I was irked. But then I read February or March 2002, which is when I expected to find them anyway, so no biggie. Like many others, my wallet could use a break after overpriced B-Wings, Interceptors, and those oh-so-cute Palm Talkers.
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    I dont know when these toys were were suppossed to be released, but a delay from Hasbro only means trouble, lets at least hope they DO release them!
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    Thumbs down

    I have to say that sucks. I was really looking forward to the At-St and the SnowSpeeder.
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    Unhappy phooey!

    Darn it--

    I thought their was a reason why my local Wal-Mart had gotten rid of it's Star Wars figures (with the exception of a few 12 inch). I have been envisioning that I would come into the store sometime within the next 2 weeks and finding that the shelves would be fully restocked with new figs and the Tie Bomber. But I guess we have to wait ):
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    Rather than going on rumors, we asked Hasbro and they replied that it they will be out "early 2002".
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