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    I've found that the kids really have a better time with the legos. It's an imagination thing.

    Legos are also great because their limitations are consistent. There is no "better" way to have the Tuskin Raider hold his riffle. Articulation is no concern. There is no comparing one figures abilities to another.

    Finally, in some cases, the ships are just better. They are to scale, they have amazing detail, and they can explode into a million pieces!

    I'm a die hard ficure collector - but with a young child I've had much more fun with the legos - now if they would onyl go on sale more often...

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    Plus, another groovy thing about Lego is that if you don't like the surface details, all it takes is some extra pieces to add your own touches. I changed my X-wing's droid slot so it "hugs" the R2 figure via 2 pivoting 2x1 bricks and 2x1 smooth plates.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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