10. They had lightsabers with removable blades way before Hasbro did

9. Cloth capes

8. You get to build these legendary ships from the ground up

7. The figures are so cute!

6. When you're bored of the ship you've bought, just break it up and build something else

5. The ships are more to scale with the figures than Hasbro's line

4. They can easily interact with other LEGO lines. Harry Potter is a Jedi! Whoo!

3. You don't have to deal with variants and most of the time people won't go and buy all the sets and sell them back.

2. You can keep an entire army of troopers in your back pocket. Just don't sit down.

1. Easy battle-damage! The Jedi Starfighter didn't dodge the pillow on your bed? CRASH! Wanna be Mace Windu? Hello, Jango...POP! Hee hee!