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    Question This is the last..................................

    Hello all,
    This is it.
    The final film is in the process of being made
    This is the last time we will all visit the star wars universe.
    This is the last time we will be able to wish anything we want to see will make it into the final film.

    The question is what do we want to be in the final film.
    I propose that we all think about the top five things we would love to see.

    It can be anything from anywhere in the SW universe.
    I will post in Spoilers and no spoilers section as this is pure speculation.

    If any ideas in my list have already been posted, I'm not stealing, it must have been a good suggestion and although you wont be named and credited (because I cant remember who posted) I dont wanted to be accused of stealing anyones thunder.

    If you can post what you would like to see and in what situation/context mores the better.

    So remember THIS IS IT, If there is anything you would think absolutely has to be included this is the last chance saloon.

    After thinking long and hard the final film would be complete for me if(these are not in any particular order);

    5)Palpys Royal Guards in action. Lets see why these fellas were handpicked by the future ruler of the universe as elite bodyguards. Lets see them kick ***. Maybe in a situation fighting jedi would show their abilities to the full.

    4)Krayt Dragons. We know about them but, we haven't seen one. I have no idea how this could be fitted into the story but to see some (not just as background preferably) maybe as someone gets into a tight spot on tatooine and has to fight their way out.
    I also think if we can link the sound Obi Wan makes in ANH to something it may make that scene make a little more sense to people wh have not read the novel.

    3)Mandalore Supercommandos. To see these guys in action and in great numbers. Maybe as the battle where Obi Wan becomes a general. Maybe the battle to end the clone wars. This could also bring baby boba back into the story, maybe he leads the Mandalores against the Republic. THE BATTLE TO END ALL BATTLES.

    2)Jedi purge. I want to see how ruthless the Empire will become. We need a sense of great loss for the republic which IMO the Jedi epitomise, and if we see them wiped out on a major scale the import of the OT's plight will be increased.

    1)Boba Fetts Jedi hunting team. I was thinking about how Boba will help the republic in the(speculated) jedi purge and a thought struck me,
    He needs a crack team of likeminded proffessionals to help him.
    What about the bounty hunters aboard the Executor in ESB.
    It would make sense that the same team answered Vaders call that helped to make the Jedi (supposedly) extinct.
    To see Zuckuss, 4 LOM, Dengar, IG88, and Bossk lead by Boba in battle would be just awesome and a great link to ESB.

    Those are my wants.

    Please dont pick this apart saying "this can't happen because of so and so" I know it will never happen.
    The question is This is my last chance please let me see.............

    Thanks for reading. Sorry its lenghty. Thought this might be fun
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    I wouldn't say it was your last chance. You have to wait to see what happens to the Classic Trilogy when it comes out on DVD. There were scenes from ROTJ (for example) where the Royal Guards were in action. I heard there may have been a battle between IG-88 & Boba Fett in ESB.

    So, we have to wait until 2006 or so when the Classic Trilogy is Re-re-edited, slapped on DVDs, and hopefully packed with deleted scenes. THAT will be the last chance.
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    I thought the IG-88/ Boba Fett thing was purely from the shadows of the Empire comic, as it doesn't actually appear in the novel. I don't think it was filmed as it wasn't thought of until after ROTJ.

    I think if something as major as that had been previously filmed, it would have already been in the special editions or at least known to fans (especially of cut scenes) as by then Bobas popularity was known by Lucas.

    I think people are putting too much hope into the DVD release. I don't think for a minute that we will see any major plot changes or anything that will forward the story from the OT's point of view, it will purely try to tie in any loose ends, acknowledge new species or alter dialogue to make the transition through six films smoother and make the PT SEEM more SW.

    However if this is not the case and Lucas decides "You know maybe I will put that scene with Lando rescueing Luke on top of the Falcon after all" and just reinserts the cut scenes he could have last time the special editions were released, We have to wonder that if after all this time MONEY is the real motivation behind Star Wars.

    Don't get me wrong New SW=more SW and I'm all for it but IMO the changes will be subtle and were 75% of the new scenes in the special editions an improvement?

    Anyway RogueII was there anything you would love to see as that was the question
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    I would like to see the royal guards in action. Maybe see some dark Jedi. I would really like to see more Boba. I would also like to see the stormtroopers training base where we see stormtroopers be trained.
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    royal guards. now, i know there are the purists out there that don't like the EU, but in the star wars: infinities a new hope comic, they had a scene where han and luke had to defend themselves against royal guards, and when the guards drew their weapons, they weren't the pikes we all know about, but they were red-bladed double-blade sabers. now, that got me to thinking that it would be really cool if the guards were perhaps clones of maul, just not as thouroughly trained as the original. this gets into a "dark jedi" territory for you obi-don, and would be a good reason why these guys are all sorts of feared. of course, if this is the truth then other EU like the crimson empire series' are out the window, but oh, well...

    other than that, jedi purge... we need to see their light be extinguished from the galaxy, to make the plight of the galaxy in OT that much more desparate.
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    Yah well, I truly don't think that this is the end.
    1st off: I cant waite to see episode 4,5,6 on dvd.
    2ed: Every thing in our world revolvs aroun $$$! Back when we found out the they were going to make 1,2,3, some people were talking about episodes 7,8,9. Now we know that this was not true. But I bet about one or two years after episode 3 comes out Mr. Gorge will start to think that if I made the other three I could get millions more!!!!! This is just a thought that I have but it seems vary likly. Pluse, all the actors from the first three have aged just enoph that it would look like it has been 10 or 15 years after ROTJ.
    3erd: I was talking with a friend of mine and he told me that they are planing to make a new Star Wars Cartoon Show, un-like the droids show this one will have all the people from the movies. That means Jedi's, Sith's, fett's the whole nine yards. SO I truly dont think that after episode 3 that this will be the end. Ohh no!!!!
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    Well hopefully GL will change his mind in 20 years and decide to do 7,8,9. He did decide once before he would not do 1,2,3.
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    I would like:

    Infant Luke and Leia to definitely appear
    Han Solo (teenager?) to make a cameo, possibly at the Mos Eisley Cantina tended by a 35 year old Wuher
    Royal Guards in action (as mentioned by many earlier posts)
    Boba Fett in his OT outfit, in the company of the other five ESB bounty hunters
    The Empire to begin to take form, with guys like Tarkin and Piett appearing

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    Well it appears that seeing the Royal guards in action is what people most want to see!

    Darthvyn; I didn't know the double bladed sabre was an EU invention, but now you mention it, I remeber seeing the cover of Crimson Empire. I agree to see them with these weapons would be cool.

    Scruffzilla; I dont think that 20 years later GL will do the rest as he will be what 80 odd? Also after finishing the prequels and DVD release that will have been about 10 years solid work for GL. I dont think he will embark on another 10!

    OneArmedJango; Even if they do make a new cartoon of SW it will be considered purely EU unless, GL writes it himself which, I find unlikely.

    Oh well, as the saying goes; "time will tell"
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    Yah I agrre with you lunchymeatball.
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