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    Unhappy Hard Choices

    Hi, I saw about 10 cases of Ultimate Jango Fett (12inch) figures at my local TRU yesterday. I was planning on buying two one to keep mint one to open but I don't have enough money since each one is $32.99 since I also want to buy a 12in Clone Trooper that I was looking for a very long time to find. So I just bought one Jango and Clone and left. I went back the next day but all of them were gone . So my questions are did I make the right choice or no, and have any of you guys made a choice between the figures?
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    Don't get upset over duplicates, as it's extremely difficult to keep anything mint, especially for a century, which is how long it will take for any of this stuff to be worth any more than retail value.

    If you're overly concerned about keeping the figures clean and attractive, I would recommend investing in a display case. That way you can pose your figure the way you want, and keep it in excellent condition.
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