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    Deluxe Yoda -Picture Enclosed!!

    Jonboy in the General Area mentioned that Hasbro had updated with images of the new Deluxe Yoda and Deluxe C-3PO sets. It's about darn time, since these are due out next month. Nice to see Hasbro breaking the news, instead of one of the collector's sites.

    Yoda comes with a base, pillar and crane arm, and a Super Battle Droid figure. All you guys that complained about the Super Battle Droid's arm being in the wrong position should be happy. Since the new one has it's arm straight out in a firing position. The Yoda is sweet also, and has a more relaxed stance. Kewl Beans!!

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    I'll reserve judgement until I see his face. And how exactly this base works.

    My initial reaction is... 2-pack of statues.
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    Cool- I wonder if the SBD's arm will have any articulation at the wrist or elbow so you can take it out of the firing position?
    Now if we're lucky it will come out before Target lowers their prices on Deluxe fig.'s

    Oh yeah Yoda looks cool too.
    Thanks for posting the pic.s
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    Hopefully they'll keep the Super Battle Droid's articulation or add more.

    The Yoda looks like he has a plastic lightsaber.
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    this another deleted scene toy,I heard in earlyer sketes that yoda was going to come out and take out 4 super battel droids that were gardering Dooku's ship ,it also comes with the crane.not that I'm complaing but some people may were wondering.:happy:
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    They have Ki-Adi Mundi too. However, he doesn't look much different than E1. I will however reserve judgment till the final product...which Hasbro will likely screw up.
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    The new Ki-Adi-Mundi has a much better sculpt, as well as being in less of an action pose then the E1 version. The E1 version's one leg is out further then the other. Plus he comes with a proper colored lightsaber now. Here is a comparison shot of the two together, showing that the new E2 figure looks much better.

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    the yoda and ki-adi look quite promising...but even if they aren't i'll still be suckered into buying them
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    Originally posted by Lord Tenebrous
    I'll reserve judgement until I see his face. And how exactly this base works.

    My initial reaction is... 2-pack of statues.
    What Lord Tenebrous said. I'm pretty underwhelmed just from that picture, which sucks because I was really looking forward to this figure.

    But then again, I pretty much hated the initial 27 AOTC figures until I actually saw them in stores (pictures on the net don't ever do these toys justice), so I'll hold off on commenting much until I have this thing in my hands.

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    I dont know you but they look identical to me, all Hasbro did was throw in a new lightsaber, change the right arm, and add more dirty paint deco. I just gave him Episode 1 Mace's lightsaber and he looks just fine standin on my Arena diorama.
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