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    the master jedi

    worst promo item (contd.)

    This is a continuation from the thread I started in the old message boards.

    It seems like most of us don't like the pogs from the restaurants.

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    "The amazing pog terd journey."
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    Pogs... dispensible pieces of Bantha poodoo...

    I think we are all in agreement here. Next!
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    Pogs? Never heard of in this part of the Earth.
    But I would say the Pepsi cans with printing are the lamest.

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    Truse me, if you ever see these pogs you'll be changing your opinion. The Pepsi cans are a heck of a lot better than thos darn pogs.

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    Thumbs up

    I think they were all pretty bad. I did like the cup toppers though.
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    Originally posted by humsup
    Pogs? Never heard of in this part of the Earth.
    But I would say the Pepsi cans with printing are the lamest.
    Pogs are the cardboard disks that are part of a glass milk bottle's foil top. They have different printing on each side, and the object of them, beyond their printed collectibility, was to hit a stack of them with a slammer straight down, and the ones that landed facing a certain direction you got to keep... or something like that. The '90s equivalent of marbles. They're cheap to produce and fairly small, the size of a larger coin.

    They make for lousy promo items.
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    As I have said Tazo's are better and more harder to obtain since they came in Chip packets
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    I was never a fan of the "Officially Licensed" Taco Bell beans. Digging them out of the burritos was nasty! But they tasted like Blue Milk! Worst promo items were the Pizza Hutt E1 toys. There's not a sit-in PH within 25 miles of me! Boooo!
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