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    You know it's a scalper if...

    ... they are using a cell phone to discuss what to get.


    ... they have tattoos all over their arms.

    (I thought it was funny b/c I saw one scalper that fits this profile today!)

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    Not always on the cell phone, my sister called me from Colorado Wal-Mart, because she had found some of what I was looking for, and was making sure I still needed them. She picked me up a Orn Free Taa, Geonosian w/ Massiff, Nexu, and Anakin w/ Slice and Dice Geonosian.

    I think that automatically assuming that someone is a scalper, because they are on a cell phone with someone is silly. Infact this is not the first time that my sister has done the same thing, since her area is pretty dead with collectors and scalpers. I'll refrain from comment about the tattoos, as I don't want this sounding like a flame.
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    My wife calls me too if she goes to the stores and sees something she thinks I might need. However, she doesn't have any tatoos.
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    You know it's a scalper if...

    You see someone crying over watching a kid buying a new figure.

    You see some loon pushing people out of the way to get to the toy aisle.

    You see an adult squashing figures.

    You see someone returning a bunch of the same figure that is now easy to find.
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    If you find yourself buying as many of a new figure as you can possibly afford, and then bending the bubbles of the rest of the figures (so yours will go up in value)... you might be a scalper.

    If you think that Sio Bibble is, hands down, the best Star Wars action figure ever made... you might be a scalper.

    If you have nightmares about Count Dooku becoming widely available at retail... you might be a scalper.

    My apologies to Jeff Foxworthy.

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    Why not stereotype just a little. You know where you can go? This isn't the forum for me to say. I have a cell phone and I talk to my wife while I'm hunting. I'm covered in tattoos, They're mine I wanted them so I got them. If you don't want any don't get any but don't judge others because they choose to live a DIFFERENT LIFESTYLE THAN YOU.

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    I've been podering a tattoo myself as of late, Jobi. I was thinking a nice big Jar Jar Binks on my arm. I think that would be cool.

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    If you get a big tattoo of Jar Jar Binks on your arm, that's a good sign that you're a real collector!
    "Is that the Six Million Dollar Man's boss?"

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    I have a couple of often-visible tats and I'm not a scalper. But as long as we're making dumb blanket statements, I'll go ahead and say that anyone you see in the SW aisle who is sporting a mullet and wearing a NASCAR t-shirt is a scalper. How's that?

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    Hell Ill make it easier and more obvious on you:

    If you see somebody carrying more than 3 of the same figure, especially at odd hours like real early in the morning, its a scalper.

    If you see 2 guys and one of them has a cart with 5 Dookus, while the other one sweeps thru the pegs and they say to eachother:

    "How many do we have?"

    "Just 5 dude, and they are 2 a case so according to that stock boy we talked to theres gotta be 3 more, so keep looking"

    Thats a scalper.
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