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    Question Palpatine in a lightsaber battel,who wants to see it

    if Mr.Palpy is indeed the master of the dark side then I guess we'll get to see him in action in Ep3 maybe he Kills dooku or fights along side Vader,or duels with Yoda.what do you think.P.S It be sweet if he welded a black saber.
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    Nope. It'll be red if he has one.

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    To the Sidious lightsaber duel: No.

    To the blacksaber: that's been brought up before and I think the concensus was "icky." We even had a few of our amateur photoshoppers come up with designs and they didn't look too hot. ( I forgot which thread it was in but if anybody can remember and post a link...groovy)
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    what do you mean it got "icky"
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    the looked crudy and wouldn't look right, palpy has so much power he dosen't need to use a lightsaber just his force ability.
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    Yes I think that would be good.
    After reading another thread on lightsabre gimmicks I think it would be cool if they gave Sidious a new spin.
    I was thinking having two sabres but with the blades turned down to forearm length, and he fights with them with the blades running down his forearms with the butt facing oppponents like billy clubs. He would be real close and in his opponents face.
    He would have to have an outfit with less sleave but who knows he may be dressed for combat underneath his robe.
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    I think Lucas should save palpy/sidious for ROTJ when he fries luke and vader with the lightning. But that's just me.
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    Well,......look at it this way.....nobody would have thought to have seen Yoda weild a lightsaber after seeing him in ESB........but.....he did. So I am expecting the unexpected.
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    Be very cool to see, but I have my doubts it will happen.

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    I was wondering about his.....we have yet to see him battle....I'd love that. George might as well put out all the atops for this 3rd one. He better he he doesnt intend on making any other episodes. I mean come on George....Lets see it and the rest.


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