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Thread: Zellers??

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    Any word on Zellers carrying any Star Wars figures this year?? I hope so they are in every town I go in Canada. They sure got burned in 99 so Im a bit worried they might not get anything this time around. Its nice to have more than 2 options in Walmart and TRU. Us poor Canadians we get the shaft.

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    none in the zellers in my area yet...

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    Smile Found!

    I found some of the new stuff at one of the Zellers here in Ottawa. Not nearly as much as the last go around but that's ok, moderation I think will make sure that we get it all instead of a wack of peg warmers.
    Jumpin' Gungans Obi-Wan!!

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    update: kitchener, ont now has figures and toys at zellers, all i saw were the first 14 plus jar jar wave

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    the zellers flyer i saw today had the toys on the front page.

    $8.93 for the basic
    $12.93 for the deluxe figs (great price!)
    $16.93 for the speeders.
    $22.93 for the electronic beasts (reek)
    $29.93 for the starfighter and the electronic lightsabers
    $34.93 for slave I

    this is apperntly only from friday the 17th til friday the 24th.

    there was some other neat stuff in there too, i'll be sure to check it out
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Well, it's official, my Zellers totally sucks. The big sale started today, so I was there with elbow pads on at opening time. The big race was between me and one heavyset 10 year old. I managed to outpace him over the last 30 yards and had first crack. What did my figure flipping fingers discover? Anakin in Outland Pegwarmer disguise. C3PO. R2D2. Jar Jar. Nothing good, nothing. No Reek, no speeders, no Slave I. No Dooku. No Luminara or Taun We or even Boba Fett! Im sure the employees exercised their pick first option, but so many of the other Zellers got the "good" figues, it sucks mine didn't. If you're considering a move to Prince Rupert, BC my advice is consult a counsellor. Good luck to everyone else, at least the movie was fantastic.

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    i'm still looking for r2 and jar jar, i have yet to see either on pegs.
    the r2 is one of the coolest toys i've seen from the line, less of course the royal guard and red clone trooper i just got
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Well I could probably hook you up with both if you want to swing a trade. Let me know if you're interested and what you could find for me. I still need quite a few.

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    i'm not really looking to trade just yet. i'm still out looking and the movie has only been out for a little while, i'm sure the toys will be around for a while still

    thank you though...
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Right you are. The ones I haven't seen are Luminara, Taun We, and Royal Guard. Methinks they all come together anyway. Soon they will come.


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