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    Have or haven't you found a Nexu?

    I was wondering, how many people have found Nexus, and how many haven't? I have never seen one, and I would REALLY like this figure. This is the one I want more than any other (Yes, even the Acklay). So, have you found one yet, or is my area the only one that isn't getting them? I hope this figure isnt like the Holo Sidious...Ive never seen one of them (HoloSidious), and probably never will.
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    I haven't seen any yet but a couple friends have. I just haven't been out to any stores in a few days. I'm sure they will be plentiful soon.
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    My sister in Colorado picked me up one last week. But, I have to remind people that haven't found one yet, the following points. The Nexu just started hitting, and lucky collectors and scalpers are gobbling up the current shipments. Don't worry, again...nothing will be rare this year. Holo Sidious was near the end of the E1 line, thats why he was somewhat hard to find. The Saga line, including the Deluxe figures, still are doing well, so don't worry if you can't find one in your area yet.

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    Yeah, I think you're probably right. I'm sure they'll show up sometime. Thanks.
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    I seen some at Target. I was gonna get it but didn't. I think I saw like 5 of them.

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    I know this thread is about the Nexu, but has anyone found ANY of the holo figures? (Sidious, etc.) It almost seems as if they were never distrubuted at all, although I know that is not true. I'd like one, but I have vowed that I will NEVER buy from scalpers. I hate scalpers with a passion, they make me sick. That may sound a bit extreme, but I mean it.
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    In regards to the Holo Sidious, why not buy one from another collector, or trade for one in the Classifieds section? Or keep your peepers on Ebay, you can occassionally catch a good deal.

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    Nexu hasn't showed up in my area yet, although I'm going to a TARGET that I heard it's been showing up at on Friday.

    Areas that haven't got them in yet, perhaps they have and are just waiting to clear out Deluxe Jangos and the force flipping figures.
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    Haven't been in any stores since last weekend, but three out of the five Wally-Worlds here in Tampa had alot, along with Deluxe Ani. I wouldn't sweat it too much, I'm sure they'll get to you.

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    The Nexu, along with Deluxe Anakin, started showing up in my area the past couple weeks. I like the Nexu quite a bit. Passed on the Deluxe Ani, though. The times I've seen them, they've both shown up in pairs, so it's probably pretty easy to miss them right now.

    By the way, I happen to have an extra Nexu up for trade, if anyone is interested:

    Good traders/sellers: pthfnder89, jjreason, bobafett07728, TK421, Lord Tenebrous, DahrJin, baby 01, Lman316, jonboy, swfreaker


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