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    Rebel Stand: Enemy Lines II

    I'm not quite halfway through the book but I came across a passage that I thought was incredibly funny. It really won't spoil anything for you but it has really made the book even better. Basic setup, Han and Leia are being help captive on this planet where they were trying to start a resistance cell:

    Sighing, Captain Mudlath cupped his chin in his hand. "Are you going to make me resort to sterner measures?"
    "You mean torture?" Han perked up. "Well...if you have to. But make it a good one. One I haven't seen before. I was tortured by Darth Vader."
    "So was I," Leia said. "That was before we met."
    "You'll have to go some to top him."

    There's much more to this little exchange but you'll have to read the book to get it all.
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    Unrelated Jibberish

    And with that last post, I am now an official Sith Lord. Woo Hoo!!!
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    I liked the one where they acknowledge Han as "General" over the comm system. ("You are cleared for landing, General" or something) and he goes "General. When are they going to stop calling me General?" and Leia says 'When are they going to stop calling me Princess?" and Han retorts "Maybe when you become Queen..."

    Allston's a funny writer. I still crack up thinking about the Lt Ketch gag that ran through the X-Wing books. 'Yub Yub Commander..."
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    I haven't finished the book either,but so far like it. I have noticed a lot of humor in this book that gives that feel of the Star Wars movies. I would tell everyone who likes these books to read it.
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    I loved this book. And EP, that Kettch joke always made me smile.
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    I just finished it yesterday, and, as with many NJO books, I am left with a "hoe-hum" attitude. There were some good action parts at times, and it was cool to see R2 and C3PO actually DOING SOMETHING for a change.
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    Have the Y. Vong approach another planet
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    The NR barely wins
    Lots of unknown pilots die
    Maybe a major character dies, too
    Story repeats in next book

    Sigh. And at least another year of this...
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