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  • The Trade Federation AAT Tank controls the market!

    35 25.93%
  • The Desert Skiff is a bright oasis that rises above the sand!

    31 22.96%
  • The ATST Scoutwalker stomps out any competition!

    69 51.11%
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    3 versions of the AT-ST are out now (Vintage, POTF, And POTJ) and they still haven't gotten the details right yet with the weapons or the top railing. The tank is nice and authentic to the movie, but the Skiff is the best of the lot.

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    Another tough matchup Tycho.

    I go with the Skiff. I voted for it previously and I'll stick with it now. You get the nice Cool Hand Luke, a unique vehicle, and a great diorama builder. The other two are nice, but the Skiff just appeals more to me. Throw in the fact that it was an HTF exclusive, and that makes it more desirable to have.
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    Skiff - Cool features, like the plank and launching pad, however, like the rest of the vehicle, those are flimsy and are difficult to make work. The "landing" gear also is flimsy and barely keeps the vehicle upright while trying to play with it. I kept the original plastic "holder" as a substitute to make it "float." That's a "no" for the Skiff.

    ATST - Cool stomping action legs, but in the end, difficult for a kid to work effectively and the legs should have been made with much better materials. To flimsy to withstand longterm play without warping. That's a "no" for the ATST

    Tank - A great looking vehicle. Fairly sturdy and includes FIRING MISSLES which kids LOVE. They love to shoot stuff, people, etc. Besides being too flimsy, the other vehicles lack this feature which sends the Tank to victory.

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    I'm going with the AT-ST, one of my favorite toys from the vintage and modern lines. Just a cool toy to play with and an interesting display piece also. The only problem is that it is nowhere near accurate to the movie, but I learned to accept that disturbing fact over 15 years ago so it doesn't hurt how much I like this toy.

    Of course that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to see a new, more-accurate version.
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    I have to go with the Skiff. It looks exactly like it does in the movie and it holds many figures. Could be a little wider but it is the best of the 3 choices.

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    I like the Skiff because of the detail and features it has for its size. A number of lager vehicles don't match the Skiff in these aspects. Yes the Skiff could be wider and a bit longer but over all its pretty good.
    I don't like the AAT as much because the floater wheels feel weak and I don't trust them. And some of the features don't work as well as they could. As for the AT-ST, I have never been overly impressed with it.
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    If I could have voted in order, it'd look like this:


    I think the Skiff is a pretty cool toy in a good package with a nice paint job and a... er, no adjective describes this figure well, but it comes with a figure. It has a lot of little gimmicks and while not perfect, has enough fun for me to really enjoy it. It's too small in many ways, but as a toy, it's my pick.

    The AAT Tank is a fairly good toy too, it's solid and while the gimmicks don't work that well and the hull is far too loose, it's pretty good. However, the paint isn't my cup of tea and it doesn't hold figures all that well.

    The AT-ST is a toy I wish I liked, but I don't. It's flimsy in several different meanings, barely holds one figure, and the various weapons and gimmicks aren't terribly robust or accurate. I think this vehicle deserves better, I know it deserves better than a 20-year-old design like this rehash.
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    Hmmm, I'll vote for the AT-ST. I would like to vote for the skiff but it's too frustrating for me to put in all of the figures I want. Usually a pack in will boost a toy's value to me, but Luke didn't excite me at all. So it gets no bonus points there.

    The AT-ST, well . . . I do wish it could hold two drivers/ewoks but I'm just more forgiving of it than I am with the skiff. I guess I just appreciate it more as a display toy.

    I've never seen the Tank so I have to leave it out of consideration.

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    I may have voted for the Skiff...if I could ever find one!!!

    I was in Hawaii when it was released. And guess what...there are NO Target stores in Hawaii!!!

    I am thankful that I now live in Kentucky...where Targets are plentiful. I would HATE to miss the Death Star Trooper acc. sets!!!
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    This three way battle virtually guarantees the winner get its bum handed to it in the next round.

    I picked the Tank because its a very nice likeness of the actual vehicle (even if its a tad small) and it's the only original in the bunch. That's right. I voted for it because Hasbro actually had to go out and earn their pay by designing a new sculpt rather than sluffing off of Kenner's old molds...
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