Tonight the firefight is going to rock your house!

We have a 3-way Death Match fight!

That's right: the Desert Skiff vs the Trade Federation Tank was never really decided, the skiff with only its nose 1 vote past the AAT and the fight fans in favor of the tank raising more hell in the posted commentary on that brutal and bloody fight!

Now there's going to be a rematch! - But it will be even more intense as the winner of that previously undecided match from the Preliminaries was destined to face the Imperial Army's ATST scoutwalker!!!

The AT-ST as originally released featured a "remote control button" that let you make the scoutwalker's legs pump up and down like it was marching into battle or stomping on your Rebel action figures and those Ewoks! Twin side-cannons click and offer anti-aircraft defense for the walker - though one of them was supposed to be a grenade launcher and this oversight was never corrected when the AT-ST was re-released for the modern line. A twin-barrel nose cannon offers anti-personnel assualt capabilities while the control cockpit holds one action figure (not included). A "tank top" hatch opens and allows the pilot to scout out the situation, or use the hand-blaster cannon mounted on the top deck (though this was never seen in the movies). The ATST defeated Luke Skywalker's T-16 Skyhopper 219-60 to get here. A win with over 78% of the votes!

Well Luke is back for a little Revenge for the Jedi as he personally commandeers one of Jabba the Hutt's desert skiffs to take with him in this fight! The Desert Skiff sits atop display "landing struts" and features an extending plank that breaks away to pitch figures off to their doom! The side rails also "break away" to simulate battle wear, as does a brand new paint deco on a re-release of one of the most elusive Star Wars vehicles, molded originally in the vintage years. The pilot's controls at the rear of this cargo carrier remotely operate the craft's features, and a thumb toggle switch guides the steering rudder fins. Packaged in a window box display simulating the Rebels' fight against Jabba the Hutt over the Great Pit of Carkoon, the Skiff was released as a still very hard to find Target exclusive, and included a Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight figure packaged with it (and a lot of twist-ties). The skiff can easily hold 7 (seven) action figures! But it might need to use those twist ties it came with to tangle the walkers legs. The skiff never had any victory over the Trade Federation's AAT Tank and many say it actually lost, though the numbers have it over the tank by 1 mere vote.

From the Battle of Naboo comes the Trade Federation's AAT Tank, and in fact, Star Wars collectors' first tank ever! This vehicle is deceptive in its slim closed packaging: once opened and fully assembled, the AAT is a good sized vehicle! "Floating" on hidden wheels that give the tank the look that its operating on working repulsarlifts, the vehicle is raised into optimal firing range for its no-less-than 4 actually firing, mobile-missle launcher tubes. The vehicle is also well defended from both surface and arial assault by a pair of side-mounted multi-blaster cannons, while the main turret holds a very powerful single-barrel laser cannon. Another feature lets you position OOM-9 (not included) in the command tower and a remote lever makes him pop out of the main hatch. If the AAT takes any battle damage, the main pilot's station can be blasted open and the pilot Battle Droid is ejected, while an interior panel cleverly switches from displaying a "clean and new" Droid gunner, to a blasted and battle-damaged one! The AAT can also serve as a troop transport because it may take on up to 4 more Battle Droids on action figure stands that flank its sides to quickly move the Trade Federation Forces into position to take over the market! The tank might have lost the last round to the skiff by 1 vote, but those posting in Preliminary Fight 13 did not seem to think so.

Now both OOM-9 and Luke will have their hands full as they not only take on each other, but the might of the Galactic Empire's Army as well as the ScoutWalker crashes this party!

Which vehicle is going to win?


Only 1 of them will survive and make it to the Semi-Finals as we see which toy is the greatest Hasbro achievement in the modern collection!

Vote now! Then let's talk about your choice for The Death Match!!!