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    Boxed Landspeeder Pictures...

    rebelscum has just posted boxed pictures of the upcoming Toys 'r' Us exclusive set to be released in August,the Landspeeder features a hovering effect just like the 95 version one and comes with Luke Skywalker and gun thing.The retail price will be $19.99 (SKN# 560850) .

    Here are the links to the pictures for your viewing Box Front and Box Back

    Thought and Opinions?
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    Well, I never got the re-issue and loved the original one I had as a kid o I'm happy. Is it the smae mould, or a new one? And the big question is why do we went another ANH Luke? How about a decent ben to go with it, or two SandPeople (which can then be used as EPII figs as well).

    Oh well, the presentation is really nice and I WILL get it - and mustn't look a gift Luke in the mouth!
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    It looks like a new mold to me. It looks longer and tthe windshield looks different than the POTF version.
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    I was about to say the same thing. I don't think it is a repaint of an old sculpt. They removed the front "cargo" hatch and put in some sculpted detailing in the "pipes" and "wires" that are exposed. It looks like the Luke figure will have some REAL elbow articulation. I will probably get this one since I never got a Landspeeder as a kid.
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    It looks decent. I have been pondering getting an old Landspeeder for the past few weeks, but now I'll just wait for this one to come out.

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    Looks pretty good to me.

    I have the POTF landspeeder,but broke it three years ago during a "Tusken Raider Battle". Hopefully the seats will be large enough to fit the new and old figures in nicely.
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    This IS a new sculpt. The rear is extended so that DROIDS can fit on it like they should! No more Threepio hanging his butt off the back...

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    Ooh I'm so torn. This one looks so much better than the older one, but I just can't justify paying $20 for something I already have. I wish this wasn't an exclusive. I'd love to get one on clearance but they'll never last that long.
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    The Luke is the same as the FlashBack version!

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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    The Luke is the same as the FlashBack version!
    Yup. It's hard to tell if he's exactly the same but his arms are definitely taken from the flashback Luke.

    I think I'll definitely pick this one up. The paint job looks nice and I can use my old Landspeeder for customizing.

    gibbspaulus- I know, it's too bad we get yet another Tatooine Luke, but since it IS Luke's Landspeeder they wouldn't pack it with a Ben or Sandperson figure. I'm just a little miffed that they didn't give us a proper Luke figure to go with it. They should have given him a fabric poncho.

    On the other hand, this is on of the better Luke figures they've made over the years so I'm not too upset.
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