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Thread: AOTC w/inserts

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    Red face AOTC w/inserts

    I got screwed over by a "trader" and now have a set of AOTC figures w/inserts hanging around. Before I go return them to the store I wanted to see if anybody was in need of them. I am asking only retail + sales tax, that's $5.30 a figure.
    Battle Droid (pending)
    Supper Battle Droid
    Anakin Outland (pending)
    Padme (pending)
    Geonosian Warrior (pending)
    Boba Fett Kamino (pending)
    Jango Fett Kamino
    C3PO (pending)
    Kit Fisto (pending)
    Tusken Raider w/child
    Shaak Ti
    I am looking for Djas, Palpatine, and new waves too, if you want to trade instead,
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    I would be interested in the Kit Fisto, Geonosian Warrior, Padme, Anakin, and C3PO. I opened all of mine and need to replace them.
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    but I don't see enough
    that's the problem with me."


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