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    Talking han solo wave question...

    i found about 10 of him yesterday.since he's one per case, then why did i not see the other 2 (chewie and obi-wan)? i know collectores in my area and they get all the new ones as soon as they see them....but how did they bypass 10 hans? and why weren't there the same abmounts of the otheres? i mean, if han is that common there, where were the others?
    (could be possible that they had them right up front, but the fronts where pretty flooded anyway..)

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    I have found the same thing. been looking everywhere for Chewie and Obi-Pilot, but all I find is a Han here and there. It doesn't make sense to me.

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    i'm glad someone else has the same thing happening so i know it's not just a fluke! hope we both find them soon
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    I think Han is included in some of the Bespin Wave cases.
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    i think that may be too, shifty. only time will tell....
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    Yes, Dar Argol posted that there is a Bespin case with a lone Han in it.
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    That did not happened to me. Yesterday, me and my mom went to our local WM looking for star wars figures, and i found pegs full of Obi-Wan (pilot), Chewbacca, and Hans and there were about 20 each.
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    I MUST HAVE ONE the darth vader! get me one and i will pay you 10 bucks next friday!! hehe! (obi-wan pilot)
    pm me if you actually want to!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    I found Pilot Obi at a new local Super WM yesterday, but Han, Chewie, Palpy and Puhr were no-where to be seen. I'm travelling across state tomorrow for a niece's birthday party and will be hitting some WMs, Targets and TRU's to try and find these!

    Getting frustrating tho.

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    yeah, on vacation in TN i found several hans, along with the bespin wave, so he MUST be with them.


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