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Thread: rudeness

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    i have just recently signed on here in the forums, tho i have been a regular visitor of sir steve's for a long time.

    i posted something about the evolutions card and trading and this rude ooootinni person had the nerve to give me grief about the name i chose. now lets see, last i checked, most people on these forums, at any site, are usually more polite in general and even when they have comments to make they are not as ignorant as this person was. i have met lots of star wars fans and the have always been great people. this is the first time i have ever met such an unhappy fan/person.

    if this is how people are treated here, i'm sorry i ever registered.

    there are plenty of other sites with forums that have classy members.

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    I'm sorry you had to put up with this on your first day as a registered user. I just try to ignore the rude ones and eventually they'll go away and bother someone else. But don't judge everyone here by one offensive member.

    (heh.....I said "offensive member")
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    *Cracks up laughing* GA HA HA HA! That was great BB!

    Alright, 5 of 9, indeed don't let one incidence anger you. Things are always goofy or poopy round here. You get used to it. And I'm certain you will like it here despite anything.
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    That damn utinni. he's always comin' in here and startin' a ruckuss with good decent folks askin' 'bout 'volution cards and whatnot. Why, if he was here right now I'd give 'im a good, solid wedgie and send 'im cryin' fer 'is momma. Damn. i hate that guy. This one time he came into a Star Wars chat room and started callin' people names and stuff and they went and changed the whole forum so this other guy stole somebody else's name and utinni got blamed, simply because no one knew who he was and what he was all about. but did any of them bother to ask? Nooooooo. did you know I like to press wild flowers? I bet you didn't. I'm even thinking of moving to Colorado and setting up a flower pressing shop in a quiant mountain town...where was I? Oh yeah. Utinni. he's a shmuck and you really shouldn't pay any attention to him cause he has "issues" you know what i mean? ISSUES. Well, i've said my piece and I hope that clears up the little enigma known as Utinni. if not, here's a recap. 1. Presses wild flowers. 2 . Shmuck. 3. issues. ISSUES. Right, off you go...
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    5 of 9,
    You have to realize that everybody you come across isn't always 'classy' and some people are just rude. Nobody is perfect just live with it. You don't have to complain just because one person was rude to you. If this forum isn't good enough for you it's just fine with me if you leave.

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    Ahhhh...Utinni, my old nemesis. you finally rear your ugly head after the whole Rolo Tomasi incident. I've not forgotten about you. Speaking of issues, do you have #13? I need it to fill my collection.

    % OF (, don't let this chowderhead get your goat. Once you see he's an irratable old fart, you learn to ignore it. I would much rather find out his true identity. Where has DarthmaulGot mauled Ep1 been??!?!
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    tee hee. I have just recalled my "Friggin' canadians" remark and the swarm of controversy it snowballed into. Sometimes people make off-handed comments that they think are lighthearted and smart alecky and others really take offense to. It's not worth getting your undies in a bunch and certainly doesn't warrant a new posting or a whole new thread. Simply ask him to aploogize in the thread he "insulted" you in and be done with it.

    BTW are you related to 7 of 9? rrrowl

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    rudeness 2

    i know people are not perfect and i dont complain just to complain. your reply was exactly what i was talking about.
    i never said that i was to good for this site and since, as you put it, it doesnt matter to you if i leave then i may as well do just that cause you people act all high and mighty and i have far better things to do with my time than go back and forth with this ignorant nonsense. the way i look at it, its not my loss, there are plenty of other sites and forums with people who have manners and those of you who cant look past your own ignorance give star wars fans a bad name.

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    I called for his apology on your behalf and lo! there it is just awaitin' for your viewing. Not everyone is rude but if you really can't see your way to hanging around and seeing the whole thing through then that is your decision and good luck to you.
    Master Jedi can be a little brusque at times but you just have to ignore his more abrasive remarks. I myself have been known to spat and spar with more than a few folk and still we come back and eventually make up and continue to chat like old friends and family. Such is the rich tapestry of life that weaves us all together in this global net...... I love mixed metaphors Ahem, Like I said, Utinni has apologised in the offending thread. I'd just get out of this now before it all gets out of hand.

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    Good God, man, calm down (slap..slap).

    Think about it really THAT big a deal? Think of the thousands of Americans that lost their lives recently to the attack. The thousands of suffering families. The thousands of people who are poor and starving. The thousands of people who live life paralyzed in a wheelchair. The thousands of people who are deaf, blind, and/or mute. The thousands of people with cancer, HIV, and other terminal diseases. The thousands of people victimized by hate crimes. The thousands of people who lose children to school shootings, car accidents, and drug abuse. The thousands of people whose parents have been laid off and can't afford a computer so their sensitive sons can come to a website and gripe about the comments of a SSG member. In the big picture, my friend, Utinni's ball-busting doesn't amount to a hill o' beans when it comes down to it. So relaaaaaax.

    P.S. Besides, where else ya gonna go anyway? It's all downhill after the SSG experience.


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