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    Rebelscum Stomps Sir Steve's???

    Is it just me, or has Rebelscum been stomping the guts out of this site with regard to updates, scoops, and photos? Check out Rebelscum today and you'll find photos of boxed Saga Landspeeder, the Wal-Mart Cantina Exclusives, and a word from Hasbro on the Luke Bespin variations.

    Is this because Rebelscum has gotten better "sources" than Sir Steve's as of late? Is it because Rebelscum seems to enjoy posting the SW figure news? (As opposed to someone like Thrawn dogging it at every turn....)

    Mind you, I've been a Sir Steve's reader since long before Action On-Line was involved. (And, unless I'm mistaken, there was a company before them involved too.) I remember when this site was THE SITE to go to for all SW action figure news. Period. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    There is no other site on the net, in my opinion, which has a better database than Sir Steve's and the forums are great. But, something's gone wrong.

    I have always really dug this site! But, I see it going to the dogs if something is not done soon.

    I'm feeling veclempt now. Tawk amongst yourselves.....

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    Is it just me or did that sound like an advertisment!?!

    In my best robot voice: Eat at Joe's. Eat at Joe's. Eat at Joe's.

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    With a good dozen or more collecting sites out there, you have to have an angle. Rebelscum is aligned with TFN, and it shows, as the forums are overstuffed and there is an aggressive push to be first. First to a scoop doesn't make them better.

    I prefer a smaller arena. I browse RS, as well as Yakface, Pegwarmer, and thejawa, but SSG has a good atmosphere. It's simple.

    You're entitled to your opinion, but I think Steve and his crew are doing a good job considering their pressure from Hasbro and Lucasfilm. I'd much rather let Hasbro break news with professional gear, instead of seeing overexposed homemade pictures. And that's how Hasbro wants it.
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    We stomped them for years and years... So they are getting some new stuff lately... good for them and the fans. Sources come and go. Philip couldn't do it himself so he had to buy out CSW. So now you have someone who has a lot of money (old man philip) and his boys that do all the work and get no credit for since "Philip Wise" Presents Rebelscum. CSW sold out, bottom line.
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    I tend to agree with Lord T. I like the other sites and do look at them often,but prefer to come here. I like the way this site is set up and the way it is handle. No offence to you JangoFart.
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    So now you have someone who has a lot of money (old man philip) and his boys that do all the work and get no credit for since "Philip Wise" Presents Rebelscum.

    <sarcasm> Thanks for the "professional" reply. </sarcasm>

    And when did SSG change to SirSteveandThrawnandTyhcoandAllTheOthersThatHelpOu

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Sheesh.

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    No offense taken, Obi-Don. How could I? You can see from my post that I still dig this site and it is, BTW, my homepage. I just want it restored to its former glory. That's all.


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    I have brought that up with them on many occasions but as JT said, everyone knows the name. It has been around since 95 and it's what people know. Sorry for the rant... I wish people really knew what it takes to keep a high traffic site going.

    I also own but I don't want to risk having "Star Wars" in my domain name and it being pulled for whatever reason LFL wants.
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    Honestly, while I feel RebelScum has a quicker news service, I like this forum a lot better than their's. RS and SSG are basically the only Star Wars sites I visit; occasionally I go to Episode X, but their updates have slowed down since AOTC came out. And TFN just doesn't have enough to keep me interested.

    I don't come to SSG for the news, and I don't go to RebelScum for the forums.

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    i don't even go on there forums...i just look at the pics and news...but i always go here first, then there..
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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