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    Due to so many people trying to collect mint on mint card, graders are making it harder for a true "mint" to exist. And, in the process, re-adjusting price levels.

    Why pay X for your clean mint card, when you can get X +50 for a factory-sealed untouched version?

    It's dirty practice, because most collectors don't have access to buy cases. And they're using Sacul, a figure with only speculative secondary value, no less.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, screw it. Open your figures.
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    This makes me want to send my Sacul in and get it graded

    What bothers me is that in order to receive the "uncirc." designation, ToyGrader has to be the first to open the case. Now, where'd these (expletive deleted)'ers get an unopened case of Saculs?


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    $360.00 for a "gem mint" Sacul? Give me a break.

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    this is crap.......I want to get my hands on a Sacul more than anybody, but come on!! maybe in 20 years or something, but the darn things just came out!! Give us 'poorer' collectors a break.
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    I don't have a Sacul yet. But when I do I'm going to OPEN HIM!!!!!
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    Originally posted by OriginalBryGuy
    I like my star wars figures same as I like my women...
    Mint, carded and 16 to a case?
    Did they have any Oompa Loompas?

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    The only value of my collection that I really care about is the value I give it. Which is priceless. :happy:
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