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    Anybody seen Watto's box at retail recently?

    If so, could you either post back or pm the store and their location.


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    If you're looking for a lot of pieces for your collection, I would suggest that you keep tabs of the store findings that are nearest to your area. Also you may want to post in the Trading/Classifieds forums if you need them rather than posting for each piece in this forum. You should also realize by now that the E1 figures have come and gone from the regular retail outlets. Another venue that you may want to explore is find out if there are any collecting clubs in your area. Last resort if none of the above works for you are the online stores and auctions.
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    No. In fact, I NEVER saw it in the stores.
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    i havn't seen that in retail since last year. KB had a lot of them last year

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    There's one at a shop near me, is it worth buying?
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    I heard that it was the rarer of the three E1 cinema scenes, a collector shop near me has a few in, but got mine a fair while ago for 10.

    Also Ebay has a few from time to time. Prices vary from 15+
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    Watto's Box NEVER hit retail for me. I paid a pretty penny for mine. Both with and without holo on the COMMtech chip (darn variations).

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    I have NEVER seen it at retail. I ordered mine from a on-line web site.
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    I got my box two weeks ago for a total of $23 from ebay. Well worth it except for the worthless Watto in it.
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    I never saw it it either and Jek Porky 2002 yes it is worth buying I wish i got it
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