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    OK Where on Earth can I sell my SOAP


    I've got a R2D2 soap which was made at around the time the first film came out. It's shaped like R2D2 and still in the original cardboard box.

    Does anyone, anywhere know if this is worth anything, or even better does anyone have any offers,


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    I have no idea, but this really is not even remotely a "Just Found" thread, so I'm gonna move it to "Other Toys" and wish you luck.
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    Just to give you an idea, there are a couple 1982 Star Wars soap four-packs on ebay, one with a "Buy it now" of $14.99 and no bids, the other with a single bid of $9.99. If you want to get rid of it, ebay is probably the place to try, but it doesn't look like it's worth significantly more than a regular bar of soap.
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    As I suspected - Useless.

    Ah well at least I will be R2D2 fresh for most of next week!!!!

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    You know what's going to be valuable in the future? The Darth Vader Body Wash and the Queen Amidala Lotion that came out during the Ep1 frenzy. No really. In ten years you can post on some forums like these that you have a bottle of Darth Vader Butt Wash and Amidala Jerkin' Lotion and you will have scores of people offering you insane amounts of money. Take my word for it, I'm never wrong about these things.

    Now, I have a See-Threepio Tape Dispenser that I just put on ebay, with a starting bid of $500. After the bidding is over, I plan to buy a Mercedes with all the gobs of money I make.
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    Originally posted by davie
    As I suspected - Useless.

    Ah well at least I will be R2D2 fresh for most of next week!!!!

    Your not going to use it are you? It would be nice collectable to have over the next few years I'd keep it
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    Bigbarada, that made me laugh really hard. Which is bad, because it's late and people are sleeping....

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    I have a soap bar of Wicket the Ewok. I keep it as hidden from light and heat in a plastic bag. Someone offered me one-hundred meellion dollars for it. Or nothing; I forget which.

    Big Barada, is that a See-Thru-Peeio tape holder? I shall dispense witht the lame humor now.
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.


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