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    How long does Luke stay on Dagobah in ESB?

    Ive been watching quite a bit of ESB lately as my daughter has taken an interest in the "wampa" creature. Im a little confused about how much time is supposed to pass between Luke landing on Dagobah and his leaving for Bespin. He seems to learn quite a bit, and time does seem to pass at this point. The quickest time possible would be over the first night and leaving the next - after only one intensive day of training with Yoda! Is there any documentation about this length of time?

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    About twenty minutes. Who knew that training to become a Jedi was so quick and easy? If that's the case then I've got a lunch hour to kill, where's Yoda?

    Actually, I always assumed that the events in ESB took place over the course of several days. Thus Luke would get some training on Dagobah, enough to grasp the basics; but nowhere near enough to call himself a Jedi at that beginning of ROTJ.

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    There's a thread about this buried way back there, but I can't find it. However, my theory is that the Falcon took around 6 weeks to get to Bespin and Luke spent another few days on Dagobah than that.
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    I guess for the movie watcher the time was cut short. I always figured that he spent a couple of weeks to. Then after it was all over and Luke returned. Luke might have stayed for a few months to learn more. I think that was the reason Luke was so powerfull in the force. Even with little training he did so much. I like to think about how powerfull he really would have been if he got the training like the other Jedi did. But,Luke had to learn most of what he knows on his own. Luke may never be what he could be,but he is still one of my favorites.
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    I always assumed that he went back to Dagobah after the events in ESB and trained some more with Yoda before attempting to rescue Han. It's the only way to explain how he gained so much skill so quickly. If he learned on his own, where would he find the reference material? Wasn't all knowledge of Jedi almost wiped out of existence. Unless Ben had a Holocron in his house in case he or Yoda were killed; but that's a little bit of a stretch considering Holocrons have never been mentioned in any of the five movies.

    Of course SOTE introduced the unlikely possibility that Luke trained himself after ESB. Wouldn't that lead him closer to the Dark Side?

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    I think that's hard to say. Luke had received a lot of guidance by this point, and had already resisted Vader's advances toward turning him. If he returned to Tatooine to build his sabre (as I read here somewhere) it's possible he spent some quality time with obi-wan's spirit as well. I hope he did go back to Yoda before that short visit in ROJ.

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    Originally posted by jjreason
    it's possible he spent some quality time with obi-wan's spirit as well.
    The way he talks to Obi-Wan's ghost in ROTJ makes it seem that he hasn't talked to him in a while. I think this mainly becasue he waits all that time after ESB to ask about Vader and Anakin. If he spoke to him before that, I'd be pretty sure it would come up in coversation.
    I always just figured he went back to yoda for a while, built a new saber, then went to Jabba's palace. And when I say a while I mean a decent amout of time, not a week or two.
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    The time on Cloud city seems more well defined. We know Han et al arrive there, meet Lando, get changed into new outfits (of course, where else could Kenner/Hasbro cash in?) and go for dinner with Darth. I see this as happening all in one night. That same night, after the feast, Han is tortured and thrown in the bucket with Chewie. I imagine here that a day or so passes, Han's brought out to test the carbon freeze the next day, say afternoon. Is there any indication they were there longer than this? What makes you think so? The more I think about this, the more I think Luke was on Dagobah for a very short time. Dagobah must also be within a pretty quick hyper-space jaunt to Bespin (I don't have the maps that I know are out there somewhere) in order for Luke to get there in time to try and rescue Han.

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    The only person who changed outfits on Bespin was Leia, twice. And one of those outfits was never even made in the vintage line. Han Changed once (simply took off his coat) but that figure wasn't made until two years after ROTJ was released. So how is that Kenner cashing in? (remember Hasbro was to Kenner what Pepsi is to Coke back in 1980; in fact it was Hasbro's GI Joe line that helped bring about the death of the Kenner SW line) Thus, I really don't understand your comment.

    Besides it is clearly evident that Hasbro has no say in the prequels design and GL just does what he wants, thus I feel it was the same way with Kenner. If Hasbro's influence forced Amidala's 9 outfits in TPM then why have so few of them been made into action figures? Why were the podracers designed in such a way as to present such difficulties to the toy manufacturers?

    Sorry, just felt that comment had to be addressed.

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    Besides, you better hope that Han and Leia changed clothes. Especially if it took the estimated 3-6 weeks or so for the Falcon to get to Bespin. Talk about funky.

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