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    hey dstephen,

    i've seen you on the warrior forum.

    how did you shrink the anakin head? i saw on your site you put it in "asietone" or something? what is this stuff?

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    Dragon toys are notoriously expensive.

    I'd say the super soldier bodies from 21st century are the best you can find at cheap, mass retail.

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    hey deadeye,

    all three nude figures i posted above can be purchased for about $3-$5 more than 21st century's basic figures, which sells for $10

    21st century box sets sell for $30, while dragon and blue box average $35-$38 bucks for a boxed figure.

    and 21st century's quality control has really gone south. except for a few good figures, their line is sinking. but i do like their body.

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    Actually, the SWAT pointman is a new figure and I think he's the best one 21st century has ever done.

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    I have that 21st Century SWAT Pointman. Yep, he rocks!
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    Acetone is an extremely toxic and dangerous chemical used to strip paint. It is also the main ingredient in nail polish remover. I've not tried the head shrinking with just nail polish remover but it may work. It's a process of soaking the head for a few hours after which it will swell up to about twice it's normal size. It will then shrink back down. I let Anakin shrink for about 5 days. The chemicals make the vinyl of the head extremely brittle and fragile, so I don't know many years the heads will last, but I like the look vs. the original melon heads.

    Regarding bodies, Dragon bodies can be had naked for around $12-15. I buy mine headless and handless for $7-8 and buy hands seperately. The Hasbro costumes are short sleeved on Dragons and I suspect would be even worse on the taller 21C figures.

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    yea, i'll agree the "swat pointman" is quality, and the "3rd special forces" figure is cool, but a lot of the other figures have really bad paint jobs and look sort of "inbred". if they could release stuff like their prototype photos, they'd rule.

    i really like the "little bird" helicopter, like the ones in "black hawk down", but just haven't had the nerve to drop $80 on it....yet.

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    Derek, if you ever have questions on real-life military stuff, guns or otherwise, feel free to ask. I am the foremost expert on these forums; the one member that could even come close to my knowledge is BigB, who was in the Army.

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    Didn't 21st Century Toys get bought by a larger company recently? I haven't bought any new figures of theirs since the Super Soldier body first debuted on the TRU exclusive CQB figure (which kicks arse in its own right and was only $20 with ALL THAT GEAR!!!).
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    JAAKS, who makes the WWF toys, was supposed to buy 21st century toys, but that fell through. rumor is, when the books of 21st century were opened, JAAKS saw they were in trouble.


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