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    OK - So now I have done something that is a first for me. I purchased a 21st Century Toy Fireman (just the 10.00 one that comes on a card) to use to switch out the body of the Clone Trooper. But, when I opened the Clone Trooper, I discovered that the body of the CT was good enough when considering that I couldn't get the hands and head off of him anyway. So I switched the 21st Century Fireman's cloths with Obi-Wan's and came up with a much better articulated figure for putting into Lightsaber fighting poses (partcularly for fighting with two Lightsabers) . I am looking forward to doing this with Han Solo and the X-Wing Pilots (Biggs and Wedgie) so that they may actually HOLD their weapons. I will have to find those carded spare hand sets, though as the hands on these 21st C carded figures are the fist type sculpt. Now I am off to find or make a thread about how to customize 12" figures so that I can switch the heads and hands.
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    You can pull the plug on the Hasbro hands by heating up the forearm with a hairdryer or hot running water then apply some elbow grease to pull them out. They're not technically made to be removable like the 21C hands, but that's easy to get around.

    What I did for my first Clonetrooper was paint the 21C hands black up to the forearm. Then I took the Hasbro hands and cut the fingers off and dremelled them down until only the white armor plate was left. Then I glued the plate in place on the painted 21C hand. It's somewhat involved because you'll want to be careful and not cut up the armor plate. It took me about an hour for each hand, but I might be a little too cautious...

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    Oh, and the head of the Clonetrooper isn't supposed to be removeable either. You have to cut it off with a hobby blade. Look at the helmet from the front and you'll see this lip that hangs down below the chinline. You'll want to keep the lip so insert the blade just inside it near the neck post and cut all the way around. Trim as needed to straighten up the cut if you want.

    When you're done the helmet will fit over any 21C headsculpt, but I'm not too sure about some of them hawg headed Dragons...

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    I think that Hasbro bodies suck. They should redo them and start using bodies like Dragon.
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    hey darth cruel,

    did you get the fireman with just the "fireman pants" and a T-shirt ? if so, i think that figure has 21st centuries old body.

    the british soldier the cop(the one with long sleeves) and the bald german all have the new body. be careful, cause the old body sucks compaired to their new one.

    as for removing hands, i'd recommend boiling water as opposed to a hair dryer or just "hot water". those hands will break at the wrist hinge if they are not heated up enough. about 1 minute in boiling water will work. and it does not hurt to heat up the doner arm a little also.

    the clone trooper head will come off, with a slight tug. you can make it into a real helmet, like laserbrain suggested, or you can just cut along the bottom of the "neck" along the visible seam where it begins to "round off". make sure you have a clean straight cut and it will fit snugly on the 21st century neck post.

    cut it like in the photo and it will fit on the 21st century neck post:
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    I've almost swapped all my 12" SW into various types of bodies that includes 21st Century old type, 21st Century Super Soldier (as mentioned, its a tad taller), Hot Toys bodies (like the 21st SS Body), SOTW bodies, Dragon bodies (one and only for Boba Fett) and finally, good ol' Joe's body - the one used in Jango. All fits well. But I have a gripe at these 12" SW hands... they have short fingers and it looks chunky. Now that Hasbro has put a step forward with Jango's body, its about time to improve their sculpt on the hands. Bendy fingers will be much appreciated isn't it

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    derek, thanks for the info on that. When I heard Jaks Pacific was looking to buy 21CT, it broke my heart because I don't think too highly of Jaks. I'm sorry to hear 21CT is having financial troubles though, I heard they had some corporate espionage problems a year and a half ago that really hurt them.
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    Well...that's Hasbro for ya....

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    I have been collecting Star Wars 12" figures for quite some time, and I am getting very interested in customizing. Can any of you recommend a place to get 21st Century Super Soldier bodies and/or some of the other ones mentioned here to replace the Hasbro ones?
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    IG65, go to TRU and look for the carded Ultimate Soldier bald German officer, British commando or America's Finest police officer with long sleves. Steer clear of the firemen cuz 21C cleared out some of their old bodies with those.

    For $10 they're perfect for an upgrade...

    Just a warning may get all starts with a carded figure...then a boxed figure...then a couple uniforms...then by the time you get a Dragon from an online're doomed...


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