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    12" Body styles in general

    25 years ago, the body styles were so static and the detail sculpting of the body parts was so bad that accessories had to have brackets sculpted on them for the figures to hold them. Some of us will remember the old body styles of the 70's that hardly permitted any articulation other than the head turning, the arms swinging at the shoulder, and the legs swinging at the hip.

    The transitions and improvements that have come seem to have actually taken place relatively recently. Mostly within the last 6 years or so (and is it just me, or does it seem to anyone else that the Star Wars line gets the leftover bodies from the G.I. Joe line).

    Thank goodness today we have figures that are not only sculpted to better hold there weapons and accessories, but the articulation has had some definite improvement as well. An example of the newest and best-to-date body style is the Jango Fett "Ultimate Bounty Hunter" figure. The articulation on that figure is the standard by which I will judge all other 12" Star Wars figures.

    I would certainly like to see ALL of the future 12" figures made with this type of body. I would gladly pay the extra 5-10 bucks per figure to get the sculpt/body/accessories that came with this Jango Figure.

    But being a realist...I know we are going to be stuck with hte ones they are using now for Yoda only knows how long. At least they are not horrible. They can, after all, be moved some. I long for the day that I can display my Jedi Knights and Sith Lords in some awesome poses fighting each other. The one I want to do most is a pose of Darth Maul blocking attacks from both Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi at the same time.
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    good points darth cruel, but...

    hasbro actually has an even better body available now, and the new 12 inch jango could of really used it.

    you are very correct that the body jango came with is a vast improvement over the previous hasbro bodies, but it's too bad they didn't give jango the best they had.

    here is a side by side comparison of the standard g.i. joe body on jango, with luke modeling the new super joe body. the new body features double jointed arms and legs and improved articulation at the torso.
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    man luke has a huge mellon head! it seems even bigger in the photo.

    here is another photo of the two hasbro bodies, showing the difference in the range of motion.

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    here is a shot of anakin modeling my favorite body to use for body swaps. it's made by a company called "21st century toys".

    it has the same articulation as hasbro's new body, but is taller and has removable hands.

    the inch height difference over hasbros body also balances out hasbro's mellon sized star wars heads.

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    Has anyone heard anything about a 12" Luke and Taun Taun exclusive? I heard rumor of it about 2 months ago.

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    rebelscum posted photos of the prototype, which is basically the same tauntaun released with han solo, and a repainted "luke with speederbike" head.

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    21st Century Toys makes basically the best 12" soldiers out there. The line is called Ultimate Soldier. Their original bodies were called Sam Bodies, and are identical to the one you see on Jango.

    The new ones, which came out in 2000, are called Super Soldier bodies. These are the standard from which all 12" bodies are defined. I put Jedi robes from my 12" episode I Obi-Wan on a guy with a super soldier body...oh man, you can make some awesome lightsaber poses with the new bodies!

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    Hmmm... seems like in this list at least I'm the "go to guy" when it comes to 12" figures, as I've been collecting 12" figs for years, both military and "other."

    For the record, Hasbro's new super-articulated (SA) body is really nice, and beats 21st's super soldier (SS) body hands down, although Dragon and Blue Box also have good base figures, although swapping heads with Hasbro's can be problematic.

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    hey deadeye,

    have you ever seen a "blue box toys" body? they are way better than 21st century, just not available at mass retailers.
    and a new company called "drastic plastic" has a very cool new body.

    here from left to right are drastic, blue box and dragon bodies.
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    Dragon bodies work well

    The Dragon and BBi bodies are very useful for SW transplants. Here's an Anakin on a Dragon body - although the head's been shrunk and repainted.


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