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Thread: 12" SW females

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    The 1/5th scale heads are a problem with all the SW figures (since they're on 1/6th-scale bodies). However, the female figures have been pretty heinous, bodies that have less range of motion and less ability to hold accessories. I would gladly give up rooted hair for an actual female 12" action figure instead of some ridiculous half-breed action figure/fashion doll.
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    Amen to that!
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    I hope Hasbro doesn't go the barbie route with the female Jedi (if ever released). I don't see why they would, but IMO they need to get moving & get some female Jedi out.


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    I agree, I would love to see Luminari and I know they can do the costume up nice, but it would be useless on their "doll" body if she can't pose like her action figure!

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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    The 1/5th scale heads are a problem with all the SW figures
    No, you're wrong. Padme.JPG shows the correct size. Amidala.JPG shows your problem. If it would be a 1/5 head on a 12"-body it looks like B. If you rescale the original head from "1/5" to "1/6" it would look like C - a manga comic girl - but no right scaled Natalie.

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    Here's the doll's head size compared to the head of the actress.
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    Adi Gallia, Depa Billaba, Shaak Ti, Luminara Unduli, and Aayla Secura are what I'd like to see before we get another male Jedi.

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    Thanks for the comparison pics N-2PF, now what I didn't understand was : Do any 12" females violate example A?


    To all of us, it would seem Zam Wessel is a candidate. Unfortunately.
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    Zam fits fig A (Authentic scale)...

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