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Thread: 12" SW females

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    those are some good comparison photos, but the problem is, the entire doll body is too tall. natalie is a small person. if her doll were in 1:1 scale, it would be almost 6 foot tall.

    those barbie bodies should be almost an inch shorter than they are.

    here is a side by side compairison of the episode 1 amidala with a dragon female figure. notice how much larger hasbro's head is. this is what jeditricks is refering to about her head being too big.
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    Originally posted by N-2PF
    Here's the doll's head size compared to the head of the actress.
    Good job on all that photo work. However, I think that's a bit misleading though. The doll body seems to represent a woman about 6' tall, while Padme is only 5'3" tall. In your padme.jpg, compare the shoulders and hips of actress Natalie Portman to the doll, the scale issue goes beyond height there.

    Nicely done Derek, that's a great example of the scale problem.
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    Hasbro's future female 12" action figures

    Chatting with Andy by Michael Sullenger from Rebelscum

    MS: Fans are excited about your new 12" offerings utilizing the G.I. Joe body, which has more articulation and proportionality. Do you have similar plans for your female 12" action figures in the future?

    Andy: Where it makes sense. We're still working on the product line for 2003 and focusing on 2002 right now. But certainly for the future, if they continue to sell well, we'll utilize similar tools for the female 12" action figures if it makes sense and are available. With G.I. Joe, there's more male bodies to use with the history of that line. But we'll certainly look into it for the females as well.

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    i read this, and was very disapointed by both the quality of the question and hasbro's answer.

    here is what i would of liked to see:

    derek: with the up-coming 12 inch wave, collectors are both excited and disgusted at the same time. the 12 inch dooku looks to be very well done, continuing where hasbro left off with the superb jango fett. however, not one person, except for some dork named "spitweet" at rebelscum's forums has had anything positive to say about zam weisel.

    hasbro has a decent female body that was used for their GI Jane pilot and nurse. why wasn't this figure body used for zam, and will it or something better be used for padme?

    hasbro dork: you are correct derek! what have we been thinking? we are going to recall all those zam weisel figures, shrink her head, make her an actual cloth top, and put it all on a Jane body. as for padme, she too will have a jane body and a realistic headsculpt.

    ****end fictious interview****

    notice in the actual interview, hasbro left themself an out regarding the quality of the 12 inch female body. "when it makes sence" and "if they sell well" was their reply.

    well did it make any sence for aurra sing, zam, or sabe or padme (battle outfits) from E1 to have barbie bodies?

    and how do they really expect to sell any of those zam figures, except for the one i'll buy to try to kitbash with?
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