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Thread: 12" SW females

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    Thumbs down 12" SW females

    Seems the place Hasbro *really* stinks on their 12" is the females. I can't think of a single one that's worth a darn. And the prototypes of Zam make me think that she'll be the worst yet.

    The annoying thing is that they have a perfectly good 12" female body in the GI Jane, but they hardly use it!

    The best female bodies out there are the 12" Dragon female (ala Danger Girl) and (perhaps better) Cy-Girl "Perfect" body, which even has interchangeable breasts! Yes, I mean you can alternate between the "whoa" size and the "Ohmighod" size. And she even has nipples!

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    Let's not take this thread down the wrong road (without my help, at least).

    Actually, the figure Lady Sith is speaking of actually is customizeable as she described. I've seen it in the Entertainment Earth category.

    I somehow doubt Hasbro is going to do this though:

    Count Dooku with Lightsaber!
    SuperBattleDroid with Blaster Cannons!
    Padme Amidala with Nipples!

    No, it just does work right. But let's quit while we're ahead now. This is a family site and families with morals all agree they should keep far away from my influence. Let's not discuss every female figure detail to this degree any further (yes I've seen the Playboy dolls... )

    Back to Star Wars women figures, they're not THAT bad.

    Leia ANH was cool if you got one with her hair done right.
    Leia Hoth was a good body.
    Leia Boussh Disguise was awesome, and I do like her hair and face.

    I like FAO Schwartz Slave Leia and R2 best. The lack of articulation actually helped her look more real since she was less clothed and every joint would otherwise show.

    As to the Fashion Figures, I haven't opened these, but it is the costumes (and the stands included) that I appreciate of these:

    Leia Ceremony is cool
    Padme purple "Return to Naboo" rocks!
    The Red Senate Gown is elegant.
    The black travel decoy looks alright.

    Her Battle of Naboo 2-pack (with Qui-Gon figure) looks great. Haven't opened that either.

    The Beautiful Braids (Tatooine) one is good enough for me and she looks very nice.

    Theed Throne and especially Sabe "Ultimate Hair" did not need to be barbie dolls. Especially Sabe (with NO blaster!) Too bad they were marketed as girls' toys instead of gender neutral. She might've had the gun then.

    Now Aurra Sing had NO reason to be a barbie doll. That was a big mistake! She has to be an action figure!

    The Padme Handmaiden could have been as well.

    Guess that's it. What do you all think?

    I'm hoping they don't use a barbie for Sy Snootles. It just wouldn't look right. Ya thinK?
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    I have thought that pretty much all of the female 12" figures look horrible.
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    Hasbro does need to work on their 12" females. I do not want to collect the fashion line, so I would like to see some quality 12" females with good articulation, and poseability whether they are dressed for combat or Royal duties.
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    All of them look horrible, that's why i dont buy them.
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    I agree Tycho. Most of the Hasbro female 12' figures look like Barbie dolls. They don't even look real (or even good for that matter). The first Princess Leia 12' was pretty good. The one in white. I WON'T buy them if they look at all like 'Barbie' dolls.
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    I love all the 12 inch leia's so far except for the hoth leia, only cos i like my leias to look like a pretty princess and not some butchy
    looking doll. So they in my opinion have been doing great in making the leia's. The hoth leia is not pretty. the padme - Queen 12 inch dolls look great. I wish i had the naboo fighting padme which i never saw in stores.

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    that Padme (in the 2-pack with Qui-Gon) was very hard to come by.

    It was a Japanese exclusive originally, because stores here did not want to carry it.

    People were first ordering it from overseas for $80.oo or more, plus shipping.

    Then they had too many of them and offered them to Factory 2 You stores at a cut rate. Those stores subsequently sold them in the US for $20.oo a piece.

    Now the internet, E-bay, and online stores like Entertainment Earth are the best places to find this. You'll need a credit card, or a way to send them a check or money order.

    Keep in mind, they probably paid less than $20.oo for it when you watch what they're going to charge you for it.

    I traded a MOMC R2 Leia Holo for it (which I got for $1.98) and took those R2s to Comic Con where I saw the small carded figure being sold by dealers for $80.00. So I made a deal with them on MY TERMS. Even if the 2-pack was worth $20.00 (or R2 was) paying $1.98 for it was well worth it!
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    I'd have to agree about the female figures looking like crud.Either they come out looking like Barbie or a giant Bobblehead.
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    I don't really collect the 12" figures, but I do get the ones that I think are really neat, such as Mace and Jango. Other than that, though, I mainly collect the basic collection.
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