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    Replacement 12" Figure Lightsabers

    I'm trying to put together a custom figure using the 12" figures. Problem is, I need a Lightsaber from one of the 12" figures.

    Does anyone have an extra or whatever that they are willing to sell? I'd rather not pay $20 to buy another 12" figure just for the saber (unless someone would want to buy the extra jedi figure from me minus his saber).

    Do you think Hasbro would hook me up with one?

    Let me know what you all think. I really want a blue one, but really I'll take any of the 12" figure sabers (cept vintage, they look really short and are probably a decent amount anyways).

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    hey there cool joe,

    here is what i do.

    check e-bay. you can get really good deals on mint boxed 12 inch figures. i'm talking like $6! this way you get the saber, the jedi outfit, which you can dye to make a unique jedi outfit, and the belt and boots.

    don't pay full price for this stuff. anything more than $10 boxed is too high, unless it's an exclusive hard to find figure set like luke and bib fortuna.

    i've got the following 12 inch figures mint in box off Ebay for under $8.00,

    episode 1 obi wan and qui-gon
    hoth luke, jedi luke, old obi wan

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    Thanks. I've been checking on ebay for 12" figures. Best I've found are around $10. Most of the lower priced 12" figures on ebay are in the UK (don't help since I'm in US and shipping charges from there would make it past $12).

    I'm gonna grab one for $10 if I can. Otherwise I'll check some other methods. I'm gonna email hasbro about getting a replacement Lightsaber. Hopefully they can hook me up with one.

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    Ok, I dropped the one I had for $10. Had $6 for Shipping. That would put it at $16, $4 under store price. And for an extra $4 I get it when I want it and in the condition I choose. So forget the auctions.

    I just need to find a way to get a 12" figure lightsaber cheap.


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