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    Deluxe Nexu: Arena Beast - Variation Found

    Just saw this over at Rebelscum:

    Nexu Variation
    Mark: The Nexu (Arena Beast) has shown up in two very distinct versions. While there's an obvious packaging variation noted by its placement in the bubble and the orientation of the tails, the toy itself exhibits some slight deco variation as well.

    The early versions, shown on the left of the comparison image, features darker spines and a lighter coat of fur. The version on the right, recently found at Target and Wal-Mart, features spines of a browner shade, and slightly darker wash for the coat.

    By all other standards the toys are the same, but these differences alone should be enough to make variation hunters take notice.

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    Before I saw that news on Rebelscum I hadn't really intended to buy a Nexu, I wasn't impressed with the paint job on the tail but now i've seen that I'll definately be hunting for the variation pictured on the right (the one with the darker colours).

    Is there any word on which one being harder to find yet?
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    Probably neither of them. I pointed it out, more out a service to people that prefer the original version to pick it up, since they are changing over to the darker version. I also prefer the darker version, looks more accurate. Just like the Han: Endor, it's not that big of a variation, and I don't think it will command any real money on the secondary market. It's definatly no Luke: Bespin.

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    This variation thing sucks. Firstly because it just seems to be a pointless exercise in keeping up with the inumerable mistakes made by the packaging people and the people who paint the things, and secondly because for most of us it's really boring. How many threads do we have to wade through filled with thousands of variation reports? isn't it about time there was an actual forum for this stuff? Keep all the variant hunters happy with their own little section and keep the other forums clearer.

    I'm not remotely interested in any kind of variant other than a sculpt difference or head variant like the Endor rebel soldiers. If there's paint missing I see that as a defective product and either send it back or skip it to buy one that is painted. People going out and actively buying these foul ups with maybe just the tiniest barely noticeable paint defect are making the hobby really anal and adding to the tag of geek applied liberally to us collectors already. It's out of hand and some sort of guidelines as to what constitutes an actual real variant should be agreed on to stop this insanity. The Nexu is packed differently in the bubble - WHOOPEE DOODOO! Just sheer insanity...

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    I understand what Jargo means in relation to errors such as unpainted visors and missing chin-staps etc, but I think that legitimate variations such as Luke Bespin and now the Nexu are fairly important pieces of news, at least to me. Not because of the difference in the bubble, but the difference in the paintwork.
    I'm not one of those people who keeps things carded, or buys variations of toys just because they're variations. I don't even buy rare items just because they're rare - but I like to know what my options are.
    Now that I know there is a better Nexu out there, I know that if i don't just buy the first one that I see, and if i wait to buy the nicer variation I'll enjoy displaying the toy more. I'm grateful for news about any major variations that are found, but I do agree that a separate forum would be a good idea.
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    I remember when I first saw pics of the Nexu - I wasn't interested in it because of how the tail didn't seem to blend in with the rest of the body (as shown by the Nexu on the left). The two I bought last weekend are like the Nexu on the right, though, and they look a heck of a lot better.

    If one were going to be "rarer", I would think the version on the left would be. I can see Hasbro putting out that version, then someone going "Hey, the tail on the Nexu like, um is a different color or something." "Oh yeah...Let's fix that." So all the Nexu produced after that have the darker tail that blends in with the creature more. I hate variations anyway though.

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    Surely a variation in a good thing if its an improvement?
    But it would be better if Hasbro just released a better version to start with.
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    Agreed. I wasn't wanting to fight with anyone over this but there are legitimate variants and silly variants that are really errors. The difference is something that a lot of people need educating about. This is why i think we need a seperate forum for variants.

    To be honest, the forums have been getting messy lately with threads for other sections being dumped just anywhere. I see a lot of just found and dear hasbro type threads in here and it gets a little frustrating. My initial post in this thread was merely me venting that frustration this morning. I will go now to ask SirSteve for a new section for variants. Hope i haven't irked anyone.

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    Do not be fooled by the power of the Dark side. Hasbro knows full well what they are doing when it comes to variations. This is one of their money making gimmicks just like anything else. While they tell you they changed the color of Sacul's beard, Luke's Bloody hand/peg color, Jango's blue helmet etc, cause there is too many to list. The wrong inserts, character to card, these things are no mistake. I believe they know that certain collectors will bust their hump to get these so called gems. I for one am not one of them. When I purchase a figure I want one done correctly, not half circles as opposed to full. What I mean to say is how do you think it's possible for Hasbro to screw up so many times with one particular figure. It's not considering they have molds for the figures, paint machines for the figures and packing machines for the figures. I truly believe that this is a big conspiracy on Hasbros part to sell more figures and create more madness amongst the collectors. The more knowlege from variations and people selling them on E-bay and in collector stores, helps promote Hasbro in a wierd kind of way, it makes for good advertising.

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    you know me. (maybe you don't, but remeber now..) i'll get the one on the left since we have the one on the right. here we go again....
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