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Thread: deluxe anakin

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    deluxe anakin

    a few questions: 1. Are his lightsabers removable? 2. Do they have removable hilts? 3. Is he a good overall figure?
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    yes they're removeable, no the hilts are permanently attached, and the figure sucks. The Geonosian is fun to slash, though.

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    note to self: don't buy deluxe anakin.
    The shrowd of the dark side has fallen...begun this clone war has -Yoda

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    I will buy this figure but I don't like the two sabers he comes with, he only used his blue one to kill the geonosians, btw, is it true we're getting a force flipping Anakin soon?
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    Possibly, nothing's been confirmed yet. It may turn out to be Anakin with Swoop, or that may come later.
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    I thought it was neat looking. So I picked it up today.

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    doesnt look too good cuz i dont like anakin suit its got that part of his suit where its leather in the movie as a totally different piece on the figure that covers over the figure...n ya didnt anakin only use a blue lightsaber wen he took those geonosians apart???
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    geonosian = good ani = bad if only they sold all the geonosians like this =)
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    Well, I purchased a deluxe Anakin yesterday and opened it up and I have to agree. The only good thing about the set was the sliceable Genosian. I also dont remember Anakin using 2 lightsabers to cut up the Genosians. Unless maybe it was a cut scene and he used a dead Jedi's lightsaber in the arena.
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    i think it looks cool in the pack, but i don't have one out of the pack so i can't really tel you anything....why am i even posting?
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