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    Rank the Twelve Inch!

    I don't know what I'll forget, but first maybe we should put them in general categories:


    Bikerscout on Speederbike
    14" Electronic Darth Vader
    Ultimate Bounty Hunter Jango Fett
    Han Hoth on TaunTaun
    Dewback and Sandtrooper
    Boba Fett Electronic


    Obi-Wan Kenobi Collector Series
    Tusken Raider Collector Series
    Admiral Ackbar Collector Series
    Luke X-wing Collector Series
    Luke Hoth and Wampa
    Captain Tarpals and Kaadu
    Electronic C-3PO (TRU 2-pack)
    R2D2 with Tools
    Leia Boussh Bounty Hunter Disguise
    Bib Fortuna
    Slave Leia w. R2D2 Bartender
    Padme Amidala Defense of Naboo
    Qui-Gon Jinn Defense of Naboo
    Episode One Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Episode One Mace Windu
    Episode One Boss Nass
    Episode Two Anakin Skywalker
    C-3PO Removeable Limbs
    Leia Ceremony
    Amidala Purple Return to Naboo
    Amidala Black Travel Gown
    Amidala Red Senate Gown
    Episode One Electronic C-3PO
    Wedge Antilles
    14" Vader (non-electronic)
    ATAT Driver
    Death Star Trooper
    Han Stormtrooper (2-pack)
    Luke Stormtrooper (2-pack)
    Luke Endor Speederbike
    Yoda from Dagobah Training
    Luke from Dagobah Training
    Darth Maul and Sith Speeder
    Luke 100th Anniversary Figure


    Han Solo Collector Series
    C-3PO Collector Series
    Boba Fett Collector Series
    Princess Leia Collector Series
    Stormtrooper Collector Series
    Sandtrooper Collector Series
    Grand Moff Tarkin Collector Series
    Snowtrooper Collector Series
    R2D2 Electronic (TRU 2-pack)
    Death Star Droid
    Luke Jedi (FAO 2-pack)
    Luke Jedi Action Collection
    Electronic Emperor Palpatine
    Death Star Gunner
    Anakin Skywalker Pilot
    Pit Droid 2-pack
    Darth Maul
    Clone Commander
    Clone Captain
    Han Endor
    Leia Hoth
    Darth Maul split in half
    Luke Stormtrooper
    Han Stormtrooper
    Obi-Wan Lightsaber Training (Falcon)
    Anakin Skywalker 13" Spirit (Chronicle Books)


    Luke Skywalker Collector Series
    Lando Calrissian Collector Series
    Luke Bespin Collector Series
    TIE Fighter Pilot Collector Series
    Greedo Collector Series
    Cantina Band Members
    Ponda Baba
    Emperor Palpatine
    Royal Guard
    Anakin Skywalker 6"
    Battle Droid
    Qui-Gon Tatooine
    JarJar Binks
    Qui-Gon Jinn
    Episode 2 Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Slave Leia Action Collection
    Sabe "Ultimate Hair"
    Theed Throne Queen
    Padme Handmaiden
    Electronic Darth Maul
    Biggs Darklighter


    Darth Vader Collector Series
    Chewbacca Collector Series
    Luke Ceremony Collector Series
    Chewie in Chains
    Episode 2 Mace Windu
    Chewbacca Action Collection
    Han Bespin
    Electronic Qui-Gon
    Electronic JarJar Binks
    Aurra Sing
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    I agree. The TIE pilot sucks.

    I like my Episode I Obi-Wan.

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    Since I'm very picky about my 12" figures, I never buy too many of them. So the ones I thought were the very best are:

    Electronic Darth Vader ( Removable Helmet )
    Elcetronic Boba Fett
    Ultimate Jango Fett
    Han Solo Taun Taun
    Sandtrooper ( Collector Series )
    Snowtrooper ( Collector Series )
    Darth Maul Episode 1
    Palpatine ( Collector Series )
    Death Star Trooper ( POTJ )
    Luke Ceremonial ( Collector Series )
    Anakin Skywalker ( The Story Of Darth Vader )

    These figures are in no particular order and I only buy them if I really liked something about them. As you can see very few have caught my attention. They may differ from Tyco's opinion, but this is just my opinion on what I rate for my best or favorites and I've seen plenty of them. While there are many good 12" figures out there, I only bought all of these ones. I'm a 3 3/4" collector at heart.

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    Myself, I'd put that Defense of Naboo Qui Gon above either the Han Taun Taun, the Luke Wampa, or the Stormtrooper Dewback (which was too small, BTW).

    The Qui Gon in question has a great Jedi outfit which is pretty accurate. I've got it on my 12" AotC Obi Wan, actually (I picked up an extra when they were on clearance for $20 at Big Lots).

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    Tycho...I resent the use of my name to imlpy punishment. Uh, never mind.

    Gotta disagree with the #1s so far. UBH Jango beats all of the others hands down. Best in all catagories, articulation, costume, sculpt, accessories, and severed body parts if it is true that his head comes off, I haven't checked mine yet.

    Then comes the Scout/Speeder
    Maul/Speeder (can you tell I like the the 12" vehicles)
    Bossk (even with the limited articulation)
    Electronic Boba Fett
    Electronic Vader

    I am a little miffed about the EII 12" figures other than Jango...but that is another thread.
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    Hey Darth Cruel,

    I actually wasn't trying to rank the 12" at this point, just figure out what categories they belonged in. I would actually rank the 14" Darth Vader at the top of that list amongst the best of the best. It's just my preference. But the thing is, I'd have bought 5 of them if I couldn't control myself!*

    *I talk about what I did with the 3 I did get in other threads.

    But the first 2 categories include all the reasons I started collecting 12", though the first was quite clearly a ToyFare cover picture of Han Hoth on TaunTaun when we learned it was making its debut!

    When that happened, I actually didn't own any 12" and I went out and hunted down the ones I'd missed because initially they sat in stores way more than most later times. I think that TaunTaun convinced a lot of people that this was going to be a viable line!

    But anyway, the figures started getting put in my categories as I was thinking about each wave of 12" through the history of the whole thing, and then just adding them in. As I probably didn't remember all the figures, I didn't remember their release order all that clearly, so at one point I started just looking around my rooms and listing what figures I saw there, putting them in a category as I thought of them.

    So within the categories, they are not ranked.
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    My top ten 12" figures would have to be:

    Han Solo/Tauntaun
    Biker Scout/Speeder Bike
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Collector Series)
    Boba Fett (Collector Series)
    Jango Fett
    Darth Maul/Sith Speeder
    Tusken Raider

    Chewbacca had the potential to be my #1. First off came the delays, pushing his release back more than a year, after he'd been promised in the first two assortments, then made only 1 per case. Biggest problem - I had expected a hard plastic body (like the vintage large figs), with "real" fur glued onto the body (sort of like a bodysuit). By making the package wider and bending the knees, they could have easily made this figure to scale. Instead, we ended up getting a freaking STUFFED ANIMAL, no taller than the Vader figure, with a wire frame (made it impossible to stand up)! Only the head came out right, and certainly could have been utilized onto the "hard bodied" design I suggested earlier. Chewie in chains was just a lame way to use up the overstock, and the Action Collection Chewie was not only too skinny, but looked lame and couldn't even hold onto the bowcaster. What shoddy treatment Hasbro gave to a character who deserved much better.

    The same problem also ruined the too-small Wampa figure. If they could get the Tauntaun right, why not the Wampa?!
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    Tagmac: I so much agree with you about Chewbacca. The Wampa somehow turned out OK, done the way it was.

    As he stands, Chewie looks OK in my displays after I spent hours bending wires in him so he could stand up on his own (without even a stand for support). He does alright now. Still my favorite Chewie was the vintage 15".

    The cartridges came off the bandolier and one at a time, could be snapped into place on his bowcaster. He had free range of motion with the articulation given him, and he actually LOOKED LIKE Chewbacca.

    I do like the furry ones better than the Peeling Tree Bark one.

    But why not sew the fur into a skin-tight nylon suit, or spandex suit, which is then put on over the fully poseable hardshell body? With his head, they should root it like barbie hair and do the whole thing right.

    In the end, "The Ultimate Chewbacca" would be a $50-70 piece for one figure, but I'd guess a lot of us here would say it'd be worth it. - Oh, and packed in with him would be the original removeable cartridge bandolier and bowcaster, plus the stormtrooper rifle and a "projectile firing" stormtrooper gun, his chain from Jabba's Palace, a couple of his Millennium Falcon tool kits, his goggles, some Dejerek pieces and a chess table and stool you put together, and handcuffs from Cloud City.

    Check that: I'd pay $100.00 for this!

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    The top ten for me are:

    Han Solo/Tauntaun
    Qui-Gon Jinn (DoN)
    Darth Vader (electronic)
    Boba Fett (electronic)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (AOTC)
    Biker Scout & Speeder Bike
    Jango Fett (AOTC)
    Captain Tarpals & Kaadu

    There are others I like's tough to allow only 10!

    A couple honorable mentions I'll sneak in there are:

    Darth Maul (the first one)
    R2D2 (from the TRU set)

    and although I don't have him yet, Ki Adi Mundi looks to be an excellent figure.....

    The biggest misfires for me are: NO decent Han Solo head sculpt yet! And I agree with's unfortunate that Chewbacca has yet to see a decent rendition as a large scale figure yet.

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    Bossk is my absolute favorite piece in my modest 12" collection! I like him even more than the Biker Scout with Speeder and Han w/ Taun Taun.

    Lately I've been partial to Obi-Wan and Anakin in general. Not for having the best figures - rather with my AOTC Obi and Ani I feel I can do a somewhat complete "visual timeline" of my 2 favorite characters. That reminds me, I've meaning to "Dear Hasbro" about a 6" Padawan Ani. If interested, head over there and throw in a word of support. But I do realize that his priority will be low on most collector's lists.


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