I think of any figure from the POTF2 line, Han Hoth needs a resculpt most. The new Han Death Star Escape is really cool, as is the cold-weather Obi-Wan, but both left me wondering why Han Hoth was not done instead. I'd even put him above Jedi Luke on my list of needed resculpts. I mean, the Jedi Luke we have is a decent figure, but Han Hoth is laughable, and the "hood-up" version with the Taun Taun was impossible to find. I think the coolest character in all of Star Wars deserves a new figure in his cold-weather gear. Make the jacket blue or brown or whatever color Lucasfilm says it is, just make it really detailed with the hood up and a holster. With the fantastic figures that have been coming out lately, I know it can be done.